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KH2 Screenshots &Kingdom Hearts 2 Sora on 11 Feb 2006

High-Res EGM Kingdom Hearts 2 Scans

The first high-res english scans have been release from the US magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly. They show the first english ingame screenshot’s, presented with some background info regarding the many aspect’s of the game.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3 Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 2 &Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 09 Feb 2006

Kingdom Hearts 2 Release Date

The future of this site seems to hang on whether or not Kingdom Hearts 2 is a success. The much anticipated game now has a release date for North America: March 28, 2006 will be the date many North American’s will be waiting impatiently for!

There is as yet no fixed date for a European release, though this will, no doubt, be following shortly after the American release.

After that? We should be hearing lots of rumours about Kingdom Hearts 3! Can’t wait.

Final Fantasy &Kingdom Hearts 3 & Sora on 09 Feb 2006

Affiliating with KH3

We’re going to open up affiliation for other Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy sites (or any RPG or gaming site, perhaps!). There are no strict rules yet as we’ve not set up official affiliation regulations, we just suggest that you submit sites that are frequently updated and are of reasonable quality.

Send applications to More soon!

Kingdom Hearts 2 &Kingdom Hearts 3 & Sora on 05 Feb 2006 opens!

Well, here it is. The ‘grand’ opening of is finally here. We registered this site around 6 months ago in anticipation of there being another Kingdom Hearts game, and our main purpose will be to ascertain whether or not there will in fact be another game after Kingdom Hearts 2.

It really doesn’t seem likely that there wont be another game; KH2 is selling so well in Japan and is likely to in America and in Europe as well.

As far as staff go, we’ve received lots of applications from very talented people and will soon be contacting them to see how they will be able to assist the site!

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