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Disney &Kingdom Hearts 2 &Kingdom Hearts 3 &Square Enix Sora on 30 Sep 2006

Kingdom Hearts 2 Released in Europe!

Yes, the time has finally come when the long anticipated sequel to the surprise Disney / Square Enix hit has been released on an (almost) worldwide scale!

Have you bought Kingdom Hearts 2 yet? Played the secret Kingdom Hearts 3 related ending? Please provide us with all your KH2 thoughts and what you think the Kingdom Hearts series will provide in the future!

Final Fantasy &Forums &Kingdom Hearts 3 & Sora on 05 Sep 2006

Join The Forums!

Some of the KINGDOM HEARTS 3 and the FINAL FANTASY NET users have recently noticed a problem when registering on the community forums. We have been told that it appears that they are not signed in after their initial login to the FINAL FANTASY NET forums. This is not actually the case; though people do not appear logged in, they in fact are. Simply click ‘HOME’ again after logging in, and it will show you as logged in. We’re sorry for this minor bug.

For users who have not joined up to the forums yet, please join today!

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