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Kingdom Hearts &Kingdom Hearts 2 &Kingdom Hearts 3 & Sora on 24 Jun 2007

The Kingdom

The Kingdom Hearts

Welcome to our brand new network site, The Kingdom Hearts! The site is to be run by myself, Alex, Kota (a content writer for Kingdom Hearts 3), Endless, Xaldin (of fame), and Brad. It will cover Kingdom Hearts news and content for all the Kingdom Hearts series.

The website will also provide access to brand new forums, which will be launched in the near future. If you’d like to read the site, go ahead and visit, and feel free to chat on much the same way you can chat here on Kingdom Hearts 3!

For those who own Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy sites, please feel free to email us after reading the affiliation information!

So, we here at the Panic Network hope you full enjoy your time on The Kingdom – your number one KH2, KH3, and CoM source!

Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ Sora on 21 Jun 2007

KHII: Final Mix+ Extra Area Names

Apostrophe of KHV has been using Action Replay to access areas that we haven’t previously known the names of. They were accessed through hidden savepoints that can only be accessed through cheat codes.

    Station of RemembranceArea where you fight Larxene and Lexaeus
    Station of OblivionArea where you fight Marluxia
    Destiny IslandArea where you fight Zexion
    Memory’s ContortionArea where you fight Xemnas for the first time
    World of NothingArea where you fight Roxas and Xemnas’ Final Form
    Gathering PlaceArea where you fight Terra (Lingering Spirit / Enigmatic Soldier)
    – - – - – (This is also where “The Gathering” and “Birth By Sleep” are set)

KH OST Complete &Kingdom Hearts &Kingdom Hearts 2 &Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ &Music Sora on 17 Jun 2007

More Kingdom Hearts Music Remixes

Still no real news about the upcoming “New Project” for now, so I decided to upload some more remixes that I’ve received, most of them absolutely brilliant! You can download them from FileFactory or MegaUpload from the new “More KH Remixes” page.

More Kingdom Hearts Remixes

Also, for those of you still waiting for the English versions of the Atlantica songs, I should be able to get them up sometime over the coming week.

Artwork &Disney &Kingdom Hearts &Kingdom Hearts 2 &Square Enix &Square Enix Party 2007 Sora on 10 Jun 2007

Keyblades and Other KH Merchandise

With so little Kingdom Hearts News around and plenty of people wanting to get their hands on a Keyblade, I decided I should show you where to do so. Unfortunately, this only applies to people in the US (which means I can’t get any of this so I don’t know the true quality).

Although there are real swords on the market at very expensive prices, there are some very reasonably priced replicas of Keyblades around, and currently has them on sale cheaper than anywhere else, including their supplier “Top Swords”:

Sora’s Keyblade Replica
Sora’s Keyblade (14lb)

  • Price: $25.49
  • All Metal Construction
  • Hanging Chain Included
  • 35” Overall Length
  • Shipping Weight: 14lb
Sora’s Keyblade Replica
Sora’s Keyblade (12lb)

  • Price: $24.49
  • Unknown Material
  • Unknown Overall Length
  • Shipping Weight: 12lb

As for other Kingdom Hearts Merchandise, there’s a site that has imported items from the Official Square-Enix Store, including some of the items that were available at the Square-Enix Party 2007, and has them available at reasonable US prices:

 --- Kingdom Hearts Formation Arts Action Figure Set --- Click to see other Kingdom Hearts Goods at GKWorld

Kingdom Hearts 3 &Square Enix Party 2007 Sora on 01 Jun 2007

SEP2007 Trailer Description Translation *Updated*

A translation of an anonymous description of the surprise “New Project” trailer seen at the Square-Enix Party 2007 has come up. The Italicised parts are words that came up on screen in Japanese.

Update: Some of you may know of the “Soulless” theory. This theory is basically that when a Nobody is destroyed, its soul is released to form a new being, which had been known as a Soulless. The reason behind the name was that Heartless have hearts and Nobodies have bodies. The reason this is relevant is because someone in a 2ch Japanese blog has apparently seen the word “Dis-Soul” nearer the end of the “New Project” trailer, which may or may not be a new type of creature, previously thought to be a Soulless. This is NOT confirmation in any way though.

“Their wounds cannot be healed.”
(or “I have to go heal their wounds.”)
“If you get lost in the darkness, join your hands together like before.”
“I am counting the days since my birth.”
“Has the number of days been recorded?”
“I don’t want to forget what has happened since my birth.”
“With whose heart does a new story lie?”

(or “With whose heart does the next story lie?”)

These lines come up with a Sora, Terra, and Roxas collage in the background.
Then a short movie is shown using scenes from the secret movie (“Birth By Sleep”) with a rearranged version of “The Other Promise” playing in the background. During this (presumably), a word comes up:


If you missed them, the previous descriptions of this trailer were:

GameWatch: “The Movie had a scene of facing an eruption of smoke that becomes the heart shape logo that symbolizes the series. A short notification that the Movie was ending was with a scene of Sora and his two companions seen walking. The information “A new project was to be announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2007” was announced at the end of the Movie.”

Famitsu: “In addition, the new information on the surprise continues. The image of a new project of “Kingdom Hearts” was thrown onto the screen. The scene where the armored soldier who fights in the arena of warfare in 3-D graphics, which felt beautiful. Then the words appeared in English, “New information was scheduled to be announced in Tokyo Game Show 2007” was displayed at the end, although, it was a short image.”

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