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Kingdom Hearts &Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Sora on 30 Nov 2007

Sum Up

Hey everyone!

Well, this past month we’ve been having a lot of news swarming in. I’ll just post them in a brief sum up of them:

Kingdom Hearts 2008 Calendar

The Kingdom Hearts 2008 Calendar was announced to be released on November 16th in Japan, and to our surprise it was released a day early! A blog user has been kind enough to provide the public with some scans:


Kingdom Hearts: Dawn of a Friend (Trading Card Game)


The Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game is currently available. You can purchase it in your local store or through: Fantasy Flight’s Game Store. You can also check out the official website for more info, and for the commercial which we will get to later on.


KH: Visual Concept Book


“The KH: Visual concept book is set to be released on December 14th in Japan. A neogaf forum member has posted up the following info:

“The latest issue of Japanese magazine Dengeki PS has announced that Square Enix is to release a new concept visual book on December 14, 2007. The book, called CLOUD, will be published by Media Works.The book is going to feature many Square Enix titles, but will focus mainly on Fabula Nova Crystallis and Final Fantasy VII. Among the titles: It’s a Wonderful World and Kingdom Hearts.Included in the book is a special DVD. This DVD, according to the magazine, features the new trailers of Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy VII AC: Complete.This time, by the way, it’s for real.”


FFG announces KH: TCG commercial


It seems as though a KH: TCG commercial will be airing. Make sure to keep an eye out for it in select cities!


Fantasy Flight Games to Air TV Advertising for the Kingdom Hearts TCG

Roseville, MN (November 19, 2007) Fantasy Flight Games announced today that they are initiating a four week television advertising campaign for the Kingdom Hearts Trading Card Game in select cities.

“We’re excited about reaching a new audience of gamers,” said Jeremy Stomberg of FFG. “Kingdom Hearts is a hugely popular brand, and we’re hoping that these commercials will help make US and Canadian Kingdom Hearts fans aware of the availability of the TCG in North America! We hope that retailers in these markets will experience the blockbuster potential of this new game.”

The 30-second commercial will be shown in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Baltimore, Seattle, and Atlanta media markets. Channels will focus on the Cartoon Network, but will also include Toon Disney(Atlanta only), the Sci-Fi Channel (including spots in the highly anticipated Battlestar Galactica movie on November 23), as well as spots during the December 9th Video Game Awards on Spike TV. The commercial will run continually from November 19th through the 16th of December.

Firstly, Some in-depth descriptions of the trailers showed in the Squenix Closed Mega theater will be featured in a new issue of Gemaga Magazine!

Next,It seems as though a blog user from The Light in Chaos went around the Square-Enix Shop recently, and took some images of the new and old items they have in stock.

Plus, Jeux France updated their website tonight with 3 new Magazine Scans featuring the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. These images, taken from Nintendo Dream magazine, are nothing new, but do give us a better look at King Mickey’s role in the game, alongside a conversation between Axel & Saix..

Lastly, it seems as though Kingdom Heart’s TCG website has now been put up by the publishers Fantasy Flight Night. The website contains various information such as rules, an FAQ, card products, about the game and more! Not only that, they have a video about the game up which you can view on their official website. Here


Download WMV
Download MOV HQ
Download MOV LQ

Hey Guys! It’s that time of year again…… Jump Festa 2008 is coming and the Kh3 staff will be giving coverage of it! Jump Festa is an annual party or exposition in Japan, all about anime and manga, sponsored by Shueisha, creators of the various Jump anthologies. New movies, manga, games and merchandise are introduced during this event. The tradition is that of already existing material a special item or episode is produced and presented at the convention to prove the makers aren’t out of ideas and to experiment. They also showcase new and old trailers of video games and many announcements. This year it will be taking place on Dec. 22-23.

The coverage will be starting two days before the event as Pre-Jump Festa coverage. We’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date this year.

See ya real soon!

Info from TKH

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 28 Nov 2007


Excuse me for my abscence. It seems as if I’m the only active one here at the moment.

No worries. My friends at the kingdom hearts forums will help me out with the info. We’re going to keep this site going till Alex gets back from whatever he is doing.

=) I’ll post some info tommorow. Alot of info I suppose.


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