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Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 22 Dec 2007

Jump Festa 08 News!!

Providing you a detailed analysis & transcript of the new Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep trailer that is being screened at the event.

“Sleep gives birth to the concealed fate of the past.”

Conversation between Ven and Terra in Destiny Islands
Terra: “Wasn’t there a time when you was saving me?”
Ven: “Back then it was probably because we were friends.”
Terra moves his hand to rests it on Ven’s shoulders.
Terra: “Thank you, Ven.”

Scene changes to Terra and Master Xehanort in the Place of Gathering
M. Xehanort: Did you believe about reaching forward to grasp that last glimmer? The wall of light and darkness exceeded each other, creating the original me, and Terra waited for me impatiently.” (While M. Xehanort is talking he opens one of his hands in a greeting fashion, enraging Terra.)
Terra: “I have a ‘Friend’.. What you have done has given me hatred to Xehanort.”
Terra then summons his keyblade

We then see Ven meeting Xehanort in Olympus Coliseum.
Ven: “Who a-…I’ve met you before. (Ven is surprised as he is remembering something.)
Xehanort: “It seems you have lost something. However unless what you have lost is put back into your hands, it will be an eternal lost. Once you obtain it, grip it and understand the truth.”
Xehanort is soon holding his hand out, as it begins to glow, Ven is watching with an expression of fear and confusion.

Trailer now shows a montage of gameplay featuring both Terra & Ven as playable characters

Scene cuts to Yensid’s Tower
Mickey is shown defending himself with the keyblade. However soon he begins to fumble with the keyblade and it vanishes. Goofy, Donald, and Yensid watch Mickey. Mickey soon looks back up to the Wizard, and summons his Keyblade once again.

Fade to Sleeping Beauty world
Maleficent is looking around the castle where vines are everywhere. Then, a crow lands on Maleficent shoulder and she turns towards Terra. Terra looks at Maleficent, as she begins to laugh doubtfully.

Trailer switches back to the Place of Gathering
Ven is facing off against the Dark Soldier, and knocks off his helmet, however his face is not shown. The scene soon switches to Terra holding an unconscious Ven, with Master Xehanort looking desperate, and apologetic.

Xehanort: “The person who has wrapped himself in the darkness does not have the qualification to wield a keyblade. He is a demon who has been taken by the darkness. Please correct my mistake…”

Trailer Ending

Ven is on the Destiny Islands coast looking towards a young Sora & Riku who are playing at the beach. At the same time Ven is at Twilight Town watching the Coast. He is looking down, and appears to be sad.
“I don’t want to be depended on, you are my ‘Friend’ ..just erase me.”

Apologies for the translation, it’s a little rough in parts. Either way, it’s good to get a nice insight into this game currently marked as a ‘Work in Progress’. If you didn’t know already, both KH: 358/2 Days & KH: Coded are set for a Summer 2008 release.

Jump Festa 2008 has officially kicked off and the first bits of information regarding the presence of Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days, Birth By Sleep & Coded have trickled in.

Playable Demo Report
• Roxas, Axel, Xigbar or Saix are all playable in a Twilight Town based mission
• Each playable character differs, Axel can use his fire attacks etc.
• Enemies in the demo included Small Wizards, Shadows & a Fat Body.
• After exploring the stage, you have to defeat a familiar boss, a Dark Side.
• Upon mission completion, the user can view statistics on how they did.
• Game has a planned release date of Q2/Summer 2008

Each forthcoming game also has a new trailer being screened behind closed doors at the event. Firstly, the 358/2 Days trailer features the still-secret Organization member, XIII, helping Roxas & Axel after being surpised by Heartless. Also, King Mickey (in Organization attire) is shown looking towards the Twilight Town forest. Lastly, there is brief scene of Roxas with Aladdin & Jasmine in Agrabah.

During the Birth by Sleep footage is noted that combat scenes with Terra are shown alongside a scene with Ven conversing with Aladdin (of Agrabah). Regarding the KH: Coded trailer, there are a few quick glimpses of Kairi & Riku alongside a mysterious annoucement of something called “High Speed” mode.

Thanks to for all this info. Good work ;]
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Kingdom Hearts 2 &Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix+ Sora on 20 Dec 2007

Exploring The Hidden Areas In KHII:FM+

Someone finally got a cheat code to access any “room” in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ (Edit: AND the original Kingdom Hearts II), including the hidden area in Hollow Bastion! You can now see it in full including the full spiral staircase, corridor, and the Room of Sleep itself – It starts at 5:30, but it’s worth watching the rest:

Edit: Not that this is relevant, but I’ve just noticed there are 20 caged rooms in the corridor and 20 chains from the centre of the Room of Sleep to 20 Nobody Symbols on the wall.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Sora on 12 Dec 2007

Birth By Sleep Official Site

And now, the Official Square-Enix website has a subsite for Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep to finish off the sites for the trilogy. Click below to access it:

Click Here To Enter The Official Website

I’m guessing there’ll be no more news until Jump Fiesta itself which does take place on 22nd and 23rd December. A full list of Square-Enix titles is at:

Edit: All of the official sites are accessible from the updated Official Kingdom Hearts Homepage.

Kingdom Hearts: Coded Sora on 12 Dec 2007

Coded Official Site

The Official Square-Enix website now has a subsite for Kingdom Hearts: Coded as well. Click below to access it:

Click Here To Enter The Official Website

Expect to see a Birth By Sleep site soon as well!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 11 Dec 2007

Interview with Wada

Eh? Check this out.

In an interview with CNET Japan, Square Enix president Youichi Wada talked about his company’s future strategy and the state of the overall game industry. Wada apparently is content with the industry’s current state, saying all segments (software, hardware as well as the arcade business) are performing very well. Asked about the three next-generation consoles, Wada explained the Wii was so successful, because it was different from PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Wada considers the Xbox 360 exactly the opposite of the Wii, namely a game machine targeting the hardcore audience. As for PlayStation 3, the Square Enix president said he still wasn’t sure yet where Sony Computer Entertainment wants to position the system. Therefore, he wants Sony to clearly define, whether PlayStation 3 is marketed as a game machine or a high-powered consumer electronics product.

Asked about downloadable content, Wada argued that it would become a standard feature in the future, as a shift from purchasing content in a real store to buying it online is occurring. While he views this shift as irreversible, he seems convinced that it won’t be the end of the retail business. While Wada apparently believes it would be difficult to offer downloadable content for the DS, given the handheld’s current lack of storage space, he apparently has high hopes for the future of downloadable content on PlayStation Portable.

Wada disputed his interview partner’s suggestion that Square Enix had recently released a lot of sequels and remakes, by saying both sequels to existing IPs and original games were necessary to grow the business. He explained 60% of Square Enix’s profits came from existing IPs, whereas 40% were generated by original titles. He also refuted the common held perception that Square Enix was overly dependent on its flagship Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, saying they accounted for less than 50% of the profit. And while the company was trying to further reduce its dependence on these franchises, he remarked people kept asking about new installments of either series.

He was also bullish about Square Enix’s position in the game center business. Through its ownership of struggling Taito, the company has gained a strong foothold in this sector and after some initial restructuring, the future apparently looks bright, as Wada sees a widening gap between Taito and its competitors.

Looking ahead, Square Enix’s top executive wants to establish Square Enix as the top company in the game business. While he admitted it would be difficult to achieve this goal within a five year time period, he was confident that the company will belong to the top 3 in five years.

Let’s hope Sony gets it’s genre of players figures out.


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