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Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 19 Jun 2008

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Not So Delayed After All?


In usual backpedaling fashion, Eurogamer has received word from the horse’s mouth (Square-Enix) that FFVersusXIII is not being delayed after all. The big SE confirmed that at some points throughout development, some workers have been pushed to work on Final Fantasy XIII “in their free time”, but that this will not have any profound effect on the development schedule of FFVersusXIII.

This directly contradicts translated statements from Mr. Nomura himself. Truth be told, nobody is really sure whether the rumor smash is just Square’s PR department buttering things up. We will do our best to keep you all posted on any further accounts.

Source: Eurogamer

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 18 Jun 2008

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Delayed

An article in Famitsu magazine has revealed plans about Tetsuya Nomura’s project in the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation. Apparently the game is being put on hold in favor of finishing the main game in the series: Final Fantasy XIII.

Most of the staff of Final Fantasy Versus XIII is going to be working on FFXIII.

Follow the sources starting with PS3Fanboy.

Forums &Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep &Square Enix &Videos Sora on 02 Jun 2008


We finally have worthy news!

A HUGE thanks to Khronnus from the forums for recording this trailer from the Square-Enix Character Showcase. He wasn’t able to get all of the trailers, but this is the majority of the Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep trailer:


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