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Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 28 Oct 2008

New Kingdom Hearts Figurines

The latest edition of Hobby Japan features some of the Kingdom hearts Play Arts figures that were displayed at the Tokyo Game Show. One set features Sora, Riku, and King Mickey in his Organization robe, each sold separately, while another set reveals the newest figure: Sora in his Halloween Town outfit!


The Static Arts Sora figure, shown above, will be released next month. If you’d like to pre-order, is offering both sets and both Static Sora and Riku. Check out their site if you are interested. Here’s some more information:


Sora, Riku, Mickey Figures: $24.99 each, releasing 12/30/2008
Halloween Town Sora: $24.99, releasing 4/30/2009
Static Arts Sora: $89.99, releasing 11/06/2008
Static Arts Riku: $129.99, releasing 3/28/2009

Artwork &Disney &Kingdom Hearts 2 &Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 25 Oct 2008

Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain Of Memories – Rated E 10+. Also, Kingdom Hearts E-Card

The ESRB has released the official rating for KH Re:COM. THe game will be rated E10+.ersb.jpg
The previous CoM released on the Game Boy Advance was rated E for

Fantasy Violence, Mild Language

Does this mean that the Kingdom Hearts series will be aimed towards an “older” audience?
Whether or not this is true will be determined when the game is released.


If you haven’t been keeping up with the Square Enix Members For North America, then you are missing out. The Members blog has this to say:

Alright, we’ve heard you clamoring for it, so we couldn’t keep you waiting forever. To celebrate the upcoming release of KINGDOM HEARTS Re: Chain of Memories, not to mention Halloween, we’ve got a creepy Halloween Town themed e-card to send to all your friends.

We’ll be rolling out additional cards over the next few months, so remember to check back. Of course we’ll mention it in the blog when new ones come out, but you’ve still got to keep an eye on us.


Artwork &Disney &Kingdom Hearts 3 &Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days &Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep &Square Enix Sora on 25 Oct 2008

Screen Shots Translated!

Thanks to bittermeats at Kingdom Hearts Insider we now have translations for the screen shots that Square Enix released.
Click on them to view the whole file.


Kingdom Hearts 3 &Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days &Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep &Square Enix &TGS 08 Sora on 24 Oct 2008

Massive Screen Shots Update

Gamekyo has updated their site with some screen shots released by Square-Enix. Screens from 358/2 Days were released in the Nintendo DS secton of Shonen Jump and the screens for Birth By Sleep were shown in the Chinese edition of Famitsu. Here’s a few below, but if you want to see them all click the links at the bottom.

358/2 Days


Birth By Sleep


All we need now is the correct pronunciation for 358/2 Days.

Source: GameKyo: 358/2 Days and Birth By Sleep

Forums &Kingdom Hearts 3 &Re: Chain of Memories &Square Enix Sora on 20 Oct 2008

RE: CoM Cast Update

There was a rumor going around that the position for Naminé’s voice was up for grabs. It is now official that Meaghan Jette Martin will be her voice; she is replacing Brittany Snow, who was Naminé’s original voice. Meaghan appeared on the DIsney Channel Original Movie “Camp Rock” as “Tess”. No reason has been released as to why Naminé’s voice was recasted, but this is not the first time that something like this has happened; “Ansem”/Xehanort was voiced by Billy Zane but is now voiced by Richard Epcar.

Whether or not Meaghan will voice Naminé in 358/2 Days or any other Kingdom Hearts game is unknown at this time.

Rumors about Tara Platt being the voice actor for Larxene has been trumped when she had this to say:

Sorry I am not in Kingdom Hearts. But it is a great game series!
Best, Tara

We’ll keep you updated on any information we can find. Make sure you check out the forums and discuss this information with other users.
Be sure to mention that Kyo referred you ;)

Source: Meaghan Jette Martin’s Official Site, Tara Platt’s Official Site

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