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Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 15 Apr 2009

Nomura Discusses 358/2 Days And DSi

ffshores scanned an article in Famitsu PSP+PS3 released March 30th that showcased an interview with Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura discussing the design of the special edition Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Nintendo DSi. You can click the thumbnail below to see the full scan.


Those who’ve seen the previous titles will be able to enjoy it’s content!”
At last the limited edition Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days design is revealed!

The Nintendo DS title Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days is set to release May 30th. The special edition Nintendo DSi with the unique design will also be released then. It has a chic design where icons symbolizing the game are arranged in the shape of a monogram on the DSi’s top.The finished design is both appealing and adult-like, it doesn’t really look like a game console at all.

-Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days
-Nintendo DS
-Releases May 30th, Price 5980 yen with tax
-Special Edition Kingdom Hearts DSi Price 24880 yen with tax

Tetsuya Nomura’s Comment

――Did you do the main design?

Nomura: Yes. I was often being asked, “Will you design it for girls?”, but inevitably I designed it myself. The special characteristics of Kingdom Hearts titles were top priority, though of course staying conscious of the female fans, details like the main DSi body were made chic so that boys and adults wouldn’t feel out of place with it. I think since the rare monogram designs of the game are seen as fashionable, not only girls but guys will also want it.

Screenshot top: It is the story of the time when Roxas belonged to Organization XIII.

Screenshot bottom: For the first time in the series, there is multiplayer interaction.

Translation: HeartStation

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 13 Apr 2009

Kingdom Hearts Mobile Merch

Japanese hobby retail site updated their inventory with adorable new Kingdom Hearts cellphone straps created with the motif of Mobile avatars. The straps are releasing this May for 1,050 yen, roughly $11, and feature these five characters: Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, and Cloud.


As of late we don’t know when they’ll be imported but we’ll let you know if they will be available elsewhere.

Source: HeartStation

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 01 Apr 2009

No Joke

As much as I would love to post some hilarious joke for your enjoyment, my final exams and final projects prevent me from doing so.

Fret not, for I shall return in a week.

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