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Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 29 Oct 2009

A Message From Nomura

Sorry for the delay, guys. I’m having some computer troubles and have to use a different one for the time being.

Tetsuya Nomura has posted a message on the Kingdom Hearts Official Blog.

KHInsider has graciously provided a translation.

Creator Message – Tetsuya Nomura

A blog? How modern. Or, no… I guess it’s a little late for that. Nevermind. I’m the director Nomura.

The staff asked us to write our first entry, but I was just too busy. But it was around TGS that Yasue was going to update, so I put a stop to it. I’m very sorry.

Between then and now we’ve already announced the release date. Now all we have to do is finish it. But we still have tons of things to do, and we’re in the middle of running around trying to get everything finished. Right now on my desktop I have 5 files containing work for Birth by Sleep, 4 for Coded, and 7 for other titles.

They’re listed in order of precedence, and now as I’m writing this the time for these files has finally come.

Of course there are not only written documents, but pictures I have been needing to draw have been waiting for me to get around to it. Right now the most important being the package art for Birth by Sleep.

Today I have to go to edit the Staff Roll. Since there are three main characters in Birth by Sleep, we also have different Staff Rolls for each one. We already have experience making two for Chain of Memories, but this time it’s a little bit different and we have a little bit of a trick with each, so it’s quite difficult.

In the Kingdom Hearts series when we put the music into the Staff Roll, we aren’t just lining up the music second by second, but frame by frame. So we’re working hard to find a good way to time it.

We also still have the Opening Movie, the Secret Movie, the CM and the PV to edit. But that will be on a later day. Next week we will be working on the CM for FFXIII.

So we’re working quite hard now, and I have to get going. I have to get to the editing studio. When I have another opportunity I will write again soon. Thank you.

Tetsuya Nomura

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 26 Oct 2009

New Birth By Sleep Screens

Famitsu has added a bunch of high quality screens from Birth By Sleep.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 21 Oct 2009

Birth By Sleep JP Release Date ~ BBS TGS 09 Trailer

According to FF-ReunionKingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep will be released January 9th, 2010 in Japan and will cost 6,090 Yen (approximately $60 US, 40 GBP).


The Official Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Japanese Site has updated the World and System sections, and the TGS 2009 Trailer has been added. KHInsider has translated the video [below]

There is no coincidence in fate

[Land of Departure]

Aqua: There is a world somewhere out there that has a tree with star-shaped fruit, they say that those fruits are a promise to keep people connected. And they also say that if you have a good luck charm made from the skin of those fruits, no matter how far apart you are you’ll always come back together someday. So here’s one for all of us! It will keep us connected.

Eraqus: Now we will begin the Master Qualifications Exam. This is a test of the heart for those who have been chosen by the keyblade. Fortunately, Master Xehanort has come to see this.


Tinkerbell (wait, she doesn’t talk does she!?): I’m gonna kick you as hard as I can!

Ven: Is that Mickey’s star fragment?

Hook: Looks like something that you wouldn’t think is a shooting star has come our way [Sorry, I hate this line. This is a terrible translation of it, but I’m just not in the mood to deal with Japanese weirdness!]

[Castle of Dreams]

Terra: You must make your heart strong. No matter what happens, if your heart is strong you will be able to overcome it.

Aqua: Is it alright if I try on the glass slipper?

[Dwarf Woodlands]

Ven: Hey, you dropped this.

Queen: If you listen to my request, then you may ask the mirror the whereabouts of this Xehanort.

Ven: Surely not Terra!?

Doc: That man used a monster to attack Snow White.

Aqua: What happened here?

Doc: Snow White, she…

[Deep Space]

Aqua: Watch out!

Ven: Do you know Terra and Aqua!?

Stitch: Friend… bonds…

Stitch: [???? can anyone tell what he’s saying?]

Ven: What happened?

[Gathering Place ?]

Ven: What do you mean Terra will no longer be Terra!?

Vanitas: I mean it exactly as I said it. The “existence” known as Terra will soon disappear.

Ven: Keyblade…!

Vanitas: Show me your strength…

[Land of Departure]

Terra: Master Xehanort, what should I protect?

Xehanort: What you have been. You don’t have to rid the darkness in your heart, you should control it.

Aqua: Terra won’t fall into darkness.

[Radiant Garden]

Even: I think I might have some sort of connection to you in the future….

Dilan: What business do you have here!?

Aeleus: You cannot enter the castle!

[Gathering Place]

Xehanort: Look. The ruins of many keys who took on the powers of their masters are here in the place, where there was a fight between light and darkness. The remains of the Keyblade Wars.

Source: KHInsider

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 19 Oct 2009

Not Absent, Just Dead

Yes, Kyo is dead.

I apologize for all the recent [un]activity and I promise to start updating soon! And, to show you just how sorry I am, here are some Birth By Sleep scans that, although old news, are new:


And Here

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