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Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 12 Mar 2010

Playstation Move

Allow me to make a stretch, if you will.
Sony revealed their new controller, the Playstation Move at the Game Developer Conference not too long ago.

It is similar in function to the remotes the Nintendo Wii, but utilize a 3 Axis Gyroscope and a 3 Axis Accelerometer with higher sensitivity to the Wii controller. The Move controller works in partnership with a camera system (Playstation Eye) and a colored globe that is at the end of the controller. The combination of the MEMS control and the optics system provides a perceived faster response (sub 1 frame of latency) than the Wii motion plus, but with the same feedback and accuracy.
Source: ChipDesignMag

According to SilliconEra, the Square Enix Group is on the list of “developers and publishers that would be supporting their “Move” peripheral. ”

What does that mean for the future of the Kingdom Hearts games? Does this mean that we will have the option to use this new controller and actually swing keyblades and sticks instead of button mashing? Nothing has been announced yet, but the trailer for the controller does plant seeds of hope in me. Check it out:

Again, this is all speculation, but it would be wonderful if it were true.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 08 Mar 2010

KH3.Net is Hiring!

Hey guys!

The staff here has grown quite a bit shorter, and our performance has grown worse, so I’m going to give each and every one of you the opportunity to write for the site.

What do you get?
Apart from the pride of having your very own articles published on a website receiving in excess of 10,000 unique visitors every day, you will be able to earn your way up the staff ladder; posters having many articles approved by the KH3 administration will be promoted to higher and higher positions, and you could potentially gain the prestige of become an administrator of the site or forums. You will also be able to use your experience for future jobs; the owner of this website, Alex, gained admittance to university in part by referencing his knowledge of the internet and experience in managing web sites.

If you think you are capable of doing this job please email me your examples of work at

Also, be sure to join the FFNet forums and the KH3 forums!

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