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Kingdom Hearts 3 xVentus on 26 Sep 2010

Final Mix and 3D Update!

Hey guys! Me again, bringing you even more juicy news. So, we just found out a few extra things about Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: Final Mix. Not only will it have the Mysterious Figure from the North American and European versions, but it will also include an all new D-Link with Pete and an all new armored figure as a secret boss! The armored figure wields a weapon that is highly similar to Master Eraqus’ keyblade (hmm, do I smell a connection?) and it was said that if you heard his name, you would understand why he looks the way he does. The scans below show both the Pete D-Link and the new secret boss.

Next, we were able to learn the time Kingdom Hearts: 3D will take place within the Kingdom Hearts series. Thanks to Alen of for finding and pointing this out. It has been announced that Kingdom Hearts: 3D will be taking place after Kingdom Hearts: Coded. Whether or not this means the story will be about Data Sora and Data Riku is unknown. Below is part of an interview asked of game director, Tetsuya Nomura about the game.

This story is brimming with unpredictable mysteries. As I said just before, it happens on the same time axis, and it is difficult to imagine that the sorts of things in this game happened at the time of KH1. And so, don’t let the way things look deceive you.

Like what you see? You can read this interview in full on our forums. Hope to see you there!

Source: Famitsu, ReBirth Wings, HeartStation

Kingdom Hearts 3 xVentus on 23 Sep 2010

Re:Coded Special Update!

With Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded well on its way, more information about it has been released like crazy! We’ve just got word that like Birth by Sleep, Re:Coded should feature a command board system all its own! How this will work should be released with more news, but it may or may not change with each world you visit. Personally, that reminds me of Riku’s deck changing with every floor he climbs in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.

Next little tidbit, is that Re:Coded will follow in what Birth by Sleep set, and feature a deck style system. Cycling will be a bit different, but this should allow players to customize their menu in any way they choose. Whether or not the Command Meld option will be used is not known for now, but I’m hoping it will be!

Our next update is that Re:Coded will feature more things the player is able to do, other than just playing through the story! Things to do include a scratch off panel that allows you to win prizes, trophies for accomplishments in the game, changing mood avatars, and clearable viruses in the menus!

Re:Coded seems to have a load of things to do for its players, and I’m sure that’s only the beginning of what’s in store!

Source: ReBirth Wings

Kingdom Hearts 3 xVentus on 16 Sep 2010

Re:Coded Control Scheme Revealed!

Hey it’s me again, live from! Earlier, I gave you a small glance at the new Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix, due for release in Japan this winter. Well now I’m here to show you just how Re:Coded will be played on your Nintendo DS system!

A playable demo of the game has been announced to be at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, and along with it, this handy diagram of the command scheme.

By the looks of it, Re:Coded will also feature a deck system that needs to be charged, similar to what was seen in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories.  However, there are notable differences in this system. One is that there are no cards like in CoM, and it appears that the deck system is similar to setting commands in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Surely, discussion about this game will erupt in time.

Speaking of discussion, how about coming over to our forums and discussing things with all of us?  We’d love to hear your thoughts on upcoming games in the series, or even on how we’re doing bringing you all the latest news! To get there, simply click the tab at the top of this page marked “Forums.”  You’ll need to register before you can post, so click on this link to go to the registration page!

Sources: KH Insider

Kingdom Hearts 3 xVentus on 15 Sep 2010

New Clothes with a Final Mix!

Goodness, it’s been some time since my last post. Recently, we just got word that Japan will be releasing a Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix! While this is sad news to us that can’t play it in the English versions, think of it this way: the features this Final Mix version has, we got to play first! Things that are to be included in this include the mysterious new secret boss from the North American and European versions, as well as some kind of new D-Link with Pete. As for what other additions this Final Mix will have, Famitsu should release soon! This scan below shows a few of what I’ve mentioned.

Secondly, Hot Topic has gotten in even more Kingdom Hearts gear! This time, they’ve gotten in a shipment of new shirts! Personally, I like the “Apps” style shirt on the far right, but the other two are pretty awesome too.

Sources: FF-Reunion, Hot Topic

Kingdom Hearts 3 Reflection on 13 Sep 2010

Calendars, Boxart and Disneyland. Oh My!

My, my it’s been awhile since my last article. As you know, Birth By Sleep’s already been dropped off on North American shores, not to mention everywhere else and I’m almost certain you’ve been playing it obsessively over the last 5 days. I however, haven’t been able to pick up a copy yet. Anyway, it seems that Re:Coded’s boxart has finally been revealed. What’s better ? It sparkles! (No, they did not steal Edward Cullen’s sparkliness.)

In other news, the latest issue of the Square Enix magazine included a release timeline for the upcoming games.

Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded, RPG for NDS, releasing Thursday October 7th 2010, retailing at 5,490 yen

Kingdom Hearts 3D, RPG for N3DS, releasing TBA, price TBA

Also, according to Twitter, Nomura talked about releasing High Quality trailers for those who cannot attend The Tokyo Gameshow. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

“I see, thank you to everyone who gave me advice. Unfortunately those who claimed to have seen me with their own eyes are most likely mistaken for I do not go out often. It’s taking more time than expected to edit the trailers for Tokyo Game Show. We are considering releasing them on the Internet too shortly afterward, so those who can’t attend the event needn’t worry.“

For those Kingdom Hearts fans living in Tokyo, you’re quite lucky because from September 20-30, there will be a HUGE, GIGANTIC, GINORMOUS, Kingdom Hearts featured in Disneyland park. Construction looks pretty exciting.

Turns out there’s also been an update on the Re:Coded site, including more information on the Olympus Coliseum world, 3 new wallpapers and a character profile teeming with spoilers.

Sources: Heartstation, Re:Coded Official Site

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