So, I’ve decided that individual articles are too much work. I’ve resorted to taking multiple ones and condesing them into one entry. (Okay, well, truth be told I don’t have time to make separate articles.) But enough banter, let’s get down to the news.

First off the release date of Re:Coded will be for January 14th 2011, that’s for both Europe and North America as well. This means you and your buddy in Europe somewhere can be obsessing over how amazing the newest installment is at the same time. How convenient is that??

And ya know what’s even more convenient?? The official Re:Coded site is open! But Reflection, it’s been open for quite some time now. No, I’m talking about the one in English. That’s right, Re:Coded’s ENGLISH site is now open for operation.

Thanks to KHi we also came across the very first International scans of Re:Coded. Not only that, but it also have little tidbits of English banter mixed in. For those who loved BbS’s combat system, you’ll be happy to know that the two are almost if not exactly identical to the predecessor’s system. Check it out below:
Re:Coded International Scans

Do you like tweeting and Kingdom Hearts? Oh lucky day! Because there is now an Official Kingdom Hearts Twitter for you to follow. Follow all tweets here: KH Twitter Page

Last but not least, there’s a new Birth by Sleep final mix scan. Not that this really applies to you living in NA, considering we got all the features that the final mix actually has. Either way here it isss.

That’s all for now! Keep following us, we’ll keep ya updated on everything, keyblades, heartless, unbirths, unknown worlds. Whatever it is, we’ll cover it.

Sources: KHinsider, Re:Coded American Site, Kingdom Hearts Twitter