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Kingdom Hearts 3 xVentus on 21 Feb 2011

Kingdom Hearts II at the Smithsonian!

The Smithsonian American Art Museum has some big news today!  For those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s the world’s largest museum, as well as a learning and research center. Anyway, they will soon be opening a new exhibit about video games through the generations! As you probably guessed in the title, the world renowned title Kingdom Hearts II has a chance to be part of the exhibit!  However, its chances are all up to the loyal fans! You can vote on KHII to earn its rightful place at the Smithsonian on the museum website in the Era 5: Next Generation tab. Good luck Kingdom Hearts II!

Source: Smithsonian American Art Museum, KHInsider

Kingdom Hearts 3 Roxanne on 18 Feb 2011

FFNet Forum!

This little tidbit comes to you by way of our recent Admin, take a look at what she has to say!

To one and all,

Currently our forum is undergoing some renovations, as it has been neglected for some time and needs to be updated to the same level as the FFNet main site eventually will be. Our standards will become much higher once the necessary investments have been made and re-opened to you all.

For the time being the registration system is being overseen by myself. If you would like to make an account on the forum then please contact me at enclosing the username you would like. I will then deal with your registration personally. Any comments you’d like to leave about our forum will be greatly welcome.

FFNet has been a sister to KH3 since their creation, and both forums have seen considerable success at different stages. Hopefully we will continue to care for both, with your support.

Thank you for your ongoing patience!!

Miss Lockheart

Forum :

Kingdom Hearts 3 xVentus on 13 Feb 2011

Something to hold us all over

Well sadly, we have yet to see much interesting Kingdom Hearts news circulating on the net! Does this mean something big is being hidden under the curtains? Who knows! But what I do know, is that you’ll enjoy what happened toward end of 2009!

Ever wondered what Kingdom Hearts music would sound like played by a professional orchestra? Well, look no further, because it has been done!  So here is the Kingdom Hearts portion of Symphonic Fantasies 2009 (old, but still very entertaining), to hold us all over until the next update!

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