On behalf of the staff, I apologize for our lack of updates. Sadly, valuable Kingdom Hearts news has become rather scarce, not giving us much of anything to make an update with. On top of that, we’ve been busy with school and jobs. I am sorry for keeping you all waiting for another update.  Next, I’m announcing that a possible news site may be added in the future for the new Square Enix Online. My username there is Hope. This does not mean that I will be leaving Roxanne with all of the work load for kh3.net, so I will be staying here to help her.

I’d also like to take the time to make this a sort of unofficial affiliation with Square Enix Online. Not having an active admin at kh3 prevents me from setting it up officially on the site, so I apologize. If you have any questions, you may leave a comment and I’ll answer it as soon as possible. Feel free to join both the forums of KingdomHearts3.net and Square Enix Online, and I encourage you to follow both our sites in bringing you the latest Kingdom Hearts and Square Enix News!

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