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Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 31 Oct 2011

Happy Halloween! Dream Drop Distance playable at Jump Festa

Jump Festa has been known to have trailers and demos of work in progress games. In fact, Birth by Sleep had a couple trailers revealed by Jump Festa. The event is located in Japan and will be taking place on December 17th and 18th. We expect a lot of information to be revealed on this date that will unfold the story and new worlds.

In other news, Happy Halloween! Have fun trick-or-treating with your friends and pals. Hey, maybe you might want to replay Halloween Town from Kingdom Hearts!

Source: Jump Festa

Kingdom Hearts 3 &Square Enix &Videos Sora on 21 Oct 2011

Nintendo Conference: Kingdom Hearts 3D Footage

Earlier today there was a Nintendo conference revealing many things. One of them was new Kingdom Hearts 3D footage. We finally get to see the Neku cutscene with direct feed footage with sound. It seems Neku has his own theme and Traverse Town has new music. Included is also a more in depth view of Traverse Town and the battling menu along with Dream Pal action.

Final Fantasy &Kingdom Hearts 3 & &Videos Sora on 14 Oct 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Save the Future

Are you ready to go back to the Final Fantasy XIII universe? Coming this January 31st 2012*, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be in the hands of everyone. It is up to you to play as Sereh, Lightning’s little sister and change the future. This will be one action packed adventure coming this Winter. And that reminds me. Before this time traveling adventure, I need to pick up the prequel!

*Thank you Razamataz for noticing the typo.

Kingdom Hearts 2 &Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days &Videos Sora on 08 Oct 2011

Devoted Kingdom Hearts Musicians

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve meant to put up a blog post for a while now but school has gotten in the way. Unfortunately, there isn’t any real Kingdom Hearts news surfacing lately so I’ll change it to a different topic – The fans. I’ve looked around youtube and found many covers on popular Kingdom Hearts songs. These musicians are superb with their natural and gifted talents. Why not take a look and check out their hard work? Like or comment on them as well!

Belovedstar18/1BlueRozez1 – Xion’s Theme Song Cover with Lyrics

gbritaney – Ventus Violin Cover

Violintay – Roxas Theme

I can’t decide which one is my favorite! They’re all so amazing!

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