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Kingdom Hearts 3 Roxanne on 31 Jan 2012

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Gameplay Video

Looks like we’ve got another drop distance gameplay vid for your viewing pleasure and this one gives us a look at battles that will be fought in the Hunchback of Notre Dame’s world. Not going to lie it does look like fun but the controls might take a bit to get used to!

Source: Official Square Enix Site

Kingdom Hearts &Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days Sora on 28 Jan 2012

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Collection to include 3 games, cover, and postcards

Remember when we made a post not too long ago detailing the Kingdom Hearts 3D Bundle? In that same post, we also mentioned the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Dream Drop Distance box. We didn’t know any details so we were clueless on what was inside. Recently, the content inside has been revealed. For ¥15,000 you’ll get

  • Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days [DS game]
  • Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded [DS game]
  • 12 Post cards with Kingdom Hearts art
  • A Protective Cover sheet

Source: Andriasang

Square Enix Sora on 24 Jan 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3D – Fantasia/Tron/Traverse Town Screens + Gameplay Details

[Update] It seems like we got a bit of gameplay details.

- game switches combat to the touch screen when you trigger a Reality Shift
- you can also do this by pressing A and X at the same time
- when doing this in the Country of the Musketeers, the world changes into a touch screen comic bool
- this features Donald, Goofy, and Mickey as they help you fight the Nightmares
- press an icon on the touch screen to do a link attack with allied Dream Eaters
- Hornceratops can transform into a spiked ball
- Handsome Pegasus has Thoroughbred Ride as its link attack, which makes Sora or Riku ride the Dream Eater and rush enemies at high speed
- Comet drops a meteorite on the battlefield
- Wonder Jamboree makes a Wonder Nyah swell up like a balloon before belly flopping on Nightmares
- Unison Rush is a high speed physical attack
- learn new abilities by unlocking them with link points on a sphere grid-like board
- Ghost Clown and Scissor Beetle are two of the Nightmares you’ll fight in the game

[Update 2]
Even MORE details!

- Dream Eater types are called Spirits if they work with you, and Nightmares if they’re bad
- Nightmares are Obake Piero (Ghoul Clown) and Hasami Kuwagata (Scissor Beetle)
- Obake Piero can lick you to make you immobile for a while
- Hasami Kuwagata is good with guarding and long-range attacks
- Spirits are Handsome Pegasus and Tsunoceratops
- Tsunoceratops attacks its foes with its big horns
- Handsome Pegasus uses the power of wind for her attacks
- Riku and Sora can also unleash special Ability Links with their Spirits

It seems like Yen Sid’s Tower will be fully playable in the Fantasia world. I’m loving all the different areas you get to go through. It actually makes it feel like you’re part of the experience. We also get a small peak at Tron Legacy.

Oh, when did Rainbow Dash jump into Kingdom Hearts? Rainbow Pony Dream Eater FTW.

Source: Andriasang Siliconera GoNintendo

Kingdom Hearts &Square Enix Sora on 21 Jan 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3D – 10th Anniversary Edition, Release Date, Bonuses, and Screens

Can’t you believe that Kingdom Hearts is almost hitting 10 years old? It feels just like yesterday that the original game for PS2 came out. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is offering a bonus edition for the 10th anniversary. No info in known on what the special edition will include. The stand-alone game will cost ¥6,090. There is also a Kingdom Hearts 3DS Bundle that was mentioned on a post not too long ago. The game will be released in Japan on March 29th, 2012. If you pick up the game (Guaranteed for Pre-Orders) when it is first released, you’ll get a free AR card that will unlock a rare Dream Eater that is hard to obtain via in game.

A set of screens were recently uploaded by Square, but a big portion on them you’ve seen already. I picked out some of the ones that are new or you haven’t seen before.


Kingdom Hearts 3 Sora on 20 Jan 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance – High Quality Famitsu Screens

We originally had some screens and then we found even more screens. There was one problem though, the quality of the scans were pretty terrible. Fuzzy with a bad quality chime to it. Thankfully, Hi-Res scans have recently been uploaded. These are very high quality and nice looking. These scans are worth a look.

Source: KH13

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