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Kingdom Hearts 3 xVentus on 27 Jun 2012

Remake of FF7?! Enix Hearts Video Game?! Tanaka Leaves Square?!

So I have some interesting news for you, ending with what the pictures above mean. First of all, Square Enix CEO has stated the following about a possible FFVII remake:

- Square-Enix will make a Final Fantasy VII remake once we’ve made a Final Fantasy game that exceeds the quality of FFVI
- Wada says the company is not making Final Fantasy games that exceed the quality of FFVII
- if they did a remake of FFVII now, the franchise would be done with
- the staff is happy to make a remake, but they’d have to fully dedicate themselves to the project

Now, I have no qualms about this, but it does make me feel like he is saying that other games in the series were not as great as FFVII. Do you guys agree with this? Personally, I feel that Crisis Core and Type-0 have more than exceeded the success of Final Fantasy VII. But that is really just my own opinion.

Next, I have a bit of sad news. Hiromichi Tanaka has left Square Enix due to health reasons. For those of you that do not know who he is, he was the producer of Final Fantasy XI and joined Square alongside Final Fantasy creator Hirinobu Sakaguchi back in 1983 before Square was even it’s own independent company. According to CEO Yuichi Wada, Final Fantasy XI is the most profitable Final Fantasy game of all time. Tanaka will deeply be missed. His replacement will be Akihiko Matsui, whom in the words of Tanaka, is “the only one who could do the job.”

Last but not least, Enix Hearts has a special something in the making that can only be found on the site in the coming future. That’s right, the characters above are none other than the main characters of an upcoming Enix Hearts video game. If anyone recognizes the program, it is RPG Maker VX. While known for chibi sprites and somewhat blocky style, there have been rather successful games made using the program, and that is precisely what we’re aiming for. Stay tuned in the following months as we begin to post screen shots, character bios, and other tidbits related to the game and Square news. I hope you’ll all be looking forward to it! For now, I’ll leave you with the character names in order. Hiro, Taryn, Haru, Mako. Just who are they? What story will unfold for them? What do they have to do with anything Square related? Stay tuned!

Source: Enix Hearts

Disney Sora on 26 Jun 2012

Off to Disney World!

Hello! As you may have already all know, I am a writer for Kingdom Hearts 3. My family and I are going on vacation and we’re heading off to Florida. Unfortunately, I’ll be gone for at least 10 days as it will be a pretty long vacation. With that said, I won’t be able to write articles on the site so other team members will probably write some of them up. If anyone else has been to Disneyworld, feel free to share your experiences. I’m also heading off to Seaworld (Twice!) so it is going to be a blast.

Maybe I’ll see some Kingdom Hearts merchandise there? Who knows?

Kingdom Hearts: 3D Sora on 25 Jun 2012

Europe – Some Retailers Delaying Kingdom Hearts 3D?

It is really strange, some retailers are pushing the game back for a September 7th release. If you were wondering, the retailers are Zaavi and TheHut. No other stores are doing this so why is Zaavi doing so? Could this be a mistake? There is no reason why they should be delaying the game by a month. If you pre-ordered the game off of these two sites, you may want to reconsider popping an email for an explanation. If it is in fact true, then may I suggest preordering off of a different website?

Source: GoNintendo

Kingdom Hearts 3 xVentus on 24 Jun 2012

Hiring New Staff Members!

So, think you have what it takes to write articles for us? Well, I have some good news for all of you that may be interested! Roxanne and I are looking for up to three new people to become a part of the staff here. If you have noticed the “become staff” link on the side, please disregard it. That page is very much outdated. To apply to become a staff member with us, please register on either Kingdom Hearts or Enix Hearts and send a private message to Tev (I’m Co-Leader) and Roxanne the Site Manager with your application form, seen below:

Why do you want to work with us?
What can you bring to the team?
Are you willing to write assigned articles on a timely basis?
Are you willing to write articles when you see them posted on sources?
What sources could you bring news from?
Interesting facts about you?

I also recommend that applicants download and install skype. We do have occasional team meetings regarding things and would like everyone to be in attendance. Microphones/webcams are not required.

As a reminder, don’t forget you can win a free copy of Kingdom Hearts 3D on Enix Hearts! Good luck to everyone that applies! Hope to work with you soon!

Kingdom Hearts 3 xVentus on 22 Jun 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3D Demo Review

For those of you that can’t play it because you lack a 3DS (get one, my god)

Demo is set in Traverse Town. You have access to a wide amount of abilities and combos, but that’s expected of a demo.

You have 3 dream eaters with you: Meow Wow, Kuma Panda, Neko Cat. Like in FFXIII-2, there are Link moves that Sora can perform with each of his dream eaters. Letting 2 of the dream eaters’ link gauges fill up lets you perform a team attack with all 3 characters (Meow Wow + Neko Cat = Meow Wow growing huge and slamming the ground. Kuma Panda + Neko Cat = Sora and dream eaters riding a meteor toward the enemies).

Like someone else said, there are no story spoilers in this demo. And you have free reign over the environment. Meaning, you can jump on roofs and run into enemies there as well as use your entire environment when you encounter bosses. I only saw that force field thing at the entrance of the boss, so no more getting locked into small areas

The controls play, in my opinion, exactly like Birth by Sleep with KH3D upgrades of course. The cycle thru menu is a bit smaller than the other games, but that can be over looked easily. Honestly, the game is turning out to look exceedingly good.

Speaking of KH3D, remember you can win a free copy on our Enix Hearts fan site. Stay Tuned!

Source: Enix Hearts

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