Sorry for the delay folks, I’ve had a pretty busy week with midterms and a big project.

First up is an update by Minimin’s Memo regarding an article featuring Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days in the April edition of V-Jump, which was released on the 21st.

The article contains new information on the Customize feature of 358/2 Days. According to the Customize feature, there are variations in magic of the same type, resulting in different effects. For example, Blizzard is a strong attack but it can only hit one enemy at a time, while Blizzara freezes multiple enemies in blocks of ice but has a short attack range. And then Blizzaga is strong and effective, but takes time to cast.

Furthermore, the weapon of each member can be customized using the Panel system. Like Luxord’s cards can become wide range type or a magic type, and Xaldin’s lances can become a strong aerial fighting type or a magic reinforcing type.

Thanks to FF7AC Reunion for the scans below!