Thanks to some of the excellent authors amongst the Kingdom Hearts 3 readership, we’ve been able to establish a brand new section, the Kingdom Hearts Editorials section!

In this section, we’ve already got articles by readers which include a comparison of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy (which some argue is a little harsh!), an interesting theory on the future of the series, and more general KH3 Theories, which has attracted a great deal of interesting discussion.

Wanna have your theories, editorials, fan fiction, or artwork submitted to the KH3 website?! You can! We now have two ways for readers to submit articles to us, either via email or by direct website submission.

The email address you should use to submit content to Kingdom Hearts is, and should only be used for content submissions!

To directly post, check out this page.

In other other news, fans of Naruto should check out our networks brand new site, on which you can watch episodes for free, and even watch the movies. The name of the site is Naruto Online, and the address for the website is:, so please be sure to bookmark it!