First, I’ve done the non-branded translated version of the Secret Ending by itself here:


Also, Deathspank has now made most of the Re: Chain of Memories available for download with subtitles! Fourth and Seventh Floors coming soon.

First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Fourth Floor
Fifth Floor
Sixth Floor

There’re also new interviews from a magazine, found in the “Light In The Chaos Blog”. Found at KH-Vids:

Interview With Tetsuya Nomura

- A part of the latest secret movie is related to the new series.

- You get the “Experience Zero” ability at the beginning of Critical Mode, which is for those who might find Critical Mode too easy. It a problem if you accidentally equip it though.

- At the top of Pride Lands, there use to be exactly 144 heartless there, but in Final Mix they have become one enemy. (No more free experience from there.)

- Making the Enigmatic Soldier an Optional Boss Fight was a staff member’s idea.

- The Organization XIII battles from before have changed a lot.

- At a new scene, when Zexion is walking, he suddenly stops as though he’s thinking of something. The players should be able to work out why Zexion stopped.

- The Organization XIII Mushroom Heartless were an idea from the staff ever since Kingdom Hearts II was developed. Back then it was too big to put into the game, so it was added as a sidequest for Final Mix.

- At first Nomura was going to put the Roxas fight in Kingdom Hearts II, but due to the time consumption, he took the fight out in the end. He also wanted to add an additional bit to that event, and a new form. He was thinking about the abilities that could reside around the first Kingdom Hearts game.

- The music after the battle against Roxas was meant to match the event completely. When Nomura did the battle against Roxas, he wanted to convince people about how emotional the battle was, and so created an event after the battle. The battle music he saw as “Different” for when he had Sora face up against Roxas.

- There are some changes in the game the staff made that even Nomura doesn’t know about!

- Re: Chain of Memories was made more from a less justifying view first. It seemed that Nomura wanted to make the camera like Kingdom Hearts, but it would be hard for the team to fully do this, so he changed it around. (Thank goodness they didn’t.)

- The team also put in a few changes for the Last Boss against Sora. Nomura took charge for this battle. It seemed to be *** of **** of Sora. (The *** were censored in the magazine.) All he can say is that it has to do with Marluxia, and it is a very very painful attack.

- The New Series is NOT Kingdom Hearts III. (Nomura wants to make sure you remember that.) (The fact that he says it’s a series is promising!)

Interview with Yoko Shimomura

- For Re: Chain of Memories, Shimomura and the team worked day in and day out, although this was only for the battle music. She wanted to have different feelings such as “Happy Battle” “Sad Battle” and “Terrible Music”. There is also something about a “Third Form” added to the Last boss.

- Yoko Shimomura put ALL her work and effort in the Roxas battle music. She was pushed to her limit. The battle is meant to be very very emotional. Nomura believed Shimomura already met the standards, but Shimomura wanted to push herself further.

Extra Organization XIII Battles Information

There are two versions of the Organization XIII battles. The first ones are scattered throughout the Worlds, and Nomura stated no one should have any trouble with them at all. However, for the re-fights in the new area, players will have to be at least be level 99 if they want to stand a chance.