Hey ladies and gents! Wow, this is my first post in a really long time, but sadly I’m here to tell a story. About two months ago, we over at KH3.org realized the decline in activity of both this site and the forum. It was with great sadness that we made the choice to leave. However, all was not lost. KH3 and KH Planet decided to merge into one brand new site! Enix Origin. That’s right, two communities have become one.

I have to say though, it’s sad to leave all of you here on KH3.net. Some of you have expressed that this site should be getting updates. And you’re completely right. However, the writing team that was here is no more. They are now over at EO, and we want all of you to join us there for all of your Square Enix, and especially Kingdom Hearts, news! For those of you that want to help out, I have a very special treat as well. Enix Origin is currently holding a contest to win a copy of Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix! (just tell em “Eli” sent ya when you sign up). Not only that, but the news team there would really love it if you guys helped out! I know I would love to see a lot of new faces helping to make kh..I mean Enix Origin now, become the best Square Enix site ever!

Requirements to become a writer are as follows:

  • A dedicated person, not one that easily disappears
  • One with the resources to access news as it’s released; somebody who likes to stay informed
  • A basic understanding of correct grammatical and syntactical structure
  • Ability to maneuver through WordPress or a willingness to learn
  • Ability to work within deadlines

If interested in becoming a writer, please send in an application to Denis!

First Name:
Why do you want to write for the main site?
What qualities do you have that make you a good candidate?
Which social media outlets do you commonly use?
Give us an example of your writing

I know we won’t disappoint if you guys are willing to join us! Much like when Bahamut destroyed Eorzea, the days of news on kh3.net have ended, unless the owner wants to step up. Please join us in the new realm at enixorigin.com! Come on guys, don’t make me pull out the puppy dog eyes!