Or rather, ‘Dear Critics’. As you may know, ScrewAttack released their new video, titled “Top 10 Franchises that should die”.

Kingdom Hearts is not hard to understand. It lies under a lot of symbolism and the Xehanort Clones can be overwhelming at times. However there is an underlying difference between ‘complexity’ and ‘missing information’. Kingdom Hearts is certainly the latter as far as each new title is concerned.

Now, now, put your torches down. I meant ‘missing information’ as in that each new title brings something new to the plot. Each new title has a wealth of new information that the majority of it won’t likely be referenced in the next title. For dedicated fans, it is not much of a problem as they are the type of people who will keep up to date on everything ‘Kingdom Hearts’ related. But for other, more casual fans, and they do exist, Kingdom Hearts II is the last Kingdom Hearts game they have played and are still waiting for Kingdom Hearts III.

The franchises’ main problem is that every game is ‘important’. The traditional ‘spin-off’ of a video game franchise have very little to nothing in common with the main series’ plot. You can miss it out and the next main title will have at the very least subtle references.

Kingdom Hearts expect you to have played every iteration to this point (excluding the V-Cast title) or it will try to make you dumbfounded. So it’s not complex, it just requires your previous knowledge of the series thus far.

It hasn’t been a new problem per se. It even existed in Kingdom Hearts II. Even the CG intro of Kingdom Hearts, which shows beautiful CG goodness of Castle Oblivion Events from Chain of Memories, doesn’t do much to tell you why Sora went into hibernation for a year. If you have not played Chain of Memories and you jumped right into Kingdom Hearts II, you may not have a clue. From your perspective: Sora, Donald and Goofy were chasing Pluto in the Ending of Kingdom Hearts and Sora was waking up in Kingdom Hearts II, in which the events has progressed in one year.

SquareEnix must have recognised the problem that they bundled up Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories with Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+. Alas, like all Kingdom Hearts that gains the Final Mix tag, they are cursed to stay within Japanese Territory.

I propose the next game should have its own optional introduction that details the events that happened so far. It should solve a lot of the problems the series have. It would solve the huge misinterpretation that ‘Kingdom Hearts is too complex!’

But really, ScrewAttack? Kingdom Hearts can be understood if you pay attention.