Would you like to join the Kingdom Hearts 3.net staff? If so, become a contributor! By doing this, you will be able to actually post real news on the main website. A small FAQ is listed below:

Frequently Asked Questions

“What do you mean, by ‘post news’?”

If you have ever wanted to write for a large Kingdom Hearts site then this is your perfect opportunity to do so. As well as a new user registration scheme, we’re allowing users to submit their own news articles by using our WordPress site to post interesting articles about the KH series on the main page of the Kingdom Hearts 3.net website!

“What’s in it for me?”

Apart from the pride of having your very own articles published on a website receiving in excess of 10,000 unique visitors every day, you will be able to earn your way up the Kingdom Hearts 3.net staff ladder; posters having many articles approved by the KH3 administration will be promoted to higher and higher positions, and you could potentially gain the prestige of become an administrator of the site or forums. You will also be able to use your experience for future jobs; the owner of this website, Alex, gained admittance to university in part by referencing his knowledge of the internet and experience in managing web sites.

“What’s the catch?”

The catch is simply that only articles of good quality, using correct grammar and information will be accepted. This does not mean if you make a spelling mistake your article or news item will be rejected, but if your work is riddled with errors or is not at all important your article wont be accepted. The other catch is, once you start editting for a website and see the website grow because of your support, you may well become an addict.

“What kind of articles do you accept?”

We accept news and content articles that are of a good standard. This may be related to Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy or Square Enix generally. If there is huge gaming news you wish to report that is not relating to the aforementioned, you may also submit it for approval.

“How do I post news?”

Once you have registered as a WordPress user of Kingdom Hearts 3, you will be able to submit a draft by clicking on the ‘Write’ tab, and filling in the appropriate information such as ‘Categories’ and ‘Title’. You can then enter the main text area and begin to write! Once you’re happy with your article, click ‘Save’ and the administrators will be able to view your article for approval immediately!

“I would prefer to write content pages than news. May I?”

You certainly can! In fact, the content pages on Kingdom Hearts 3.net are not currently vast, and we would love them to be improved. To write a Page instead of a news post, simple add the word ‘PAGE’ at the beginning of your ‘Title’, and we will review it.

If you have any further questions, please ask in the comments field below.

So, if think you would like to help us become the largest Kingdom Hearts web site on the internet, then please click here to register with us today! If not, have fun reading at our web site!