So remember how we said that Square and company might be releasing an HD collection of the Kingdom Hearts franchise? That might has become a definitely! According to the official Japan’s Square Enix site,the confirmed titles that will be released in HD include KH 1 Final Mix, 358/2 Days, and RE:CoM. No other titles have been mentioned or confirmed. You may be asking hey, what about KH2 or Birth By Sleep? According to another source, Square plans to re-release the Kingdom Hearts saga in chronological order. For example, 358/2 Days did not release until after KH2 but, like CoM for instance, it tells a story that falls between KH 1 &2. The absence of BBS, the earliest story in the series’ chronology, is a monkey wrench in this theory, but you can sure that other Kingdom Hearts games will appear in another HD collection at some point. Unfortunately due my inability to read Japanese and that is the only announcement of this news, no other information is readily available as of right now such as specific release dates. However, when translations become available we’ll provide more information asap. According to the site, the year 2013 is listed so one can assume that these will be released in Japan sometime around next year.

You may now be asking, “Bunny, what about the platform? I swear if it is on another handheld I will rip off Nomura’s-” Fear not! The site lists the Playstation 3, so I am assuming these will be released on the ever so sleek and cool PS3. Sorry Xbox lovers, no word about the games also being released for that platform as of yet. Also, rumor has it that a PC-compatible version of Kingdom Hearts will also be available. Instead of playing Slender in the dark while clenching your mouse at night you can take out your frustration on some HD Heartless!

So at least we KH fans have another set of goodies to look forward to, right? Although most of us are still shaking our fists in frustration at Nomura begging for KH3 before we croak, we’ll at least be kept busy (at least our wallets will be) with these HD remakes.

So which remake are you looking forward to seeing in HD the most? I think I can speak for most when I say that I’d love to see KH1 with prettier graphics and better sound quality as it was the first KH game to bless our pre-teen lives. Let us know in the comments below what you think!