Firstly, Kingdom Hearts would just like to thank all you patient fans for sticking by us during the development of the Kingdom Hearts 3 Forums (! A lot has changed about the forums since they were last up, but we feel that this is for the better.

KH3 now uses vBulletin rather than Invision Power Board. We had to pay for this, but we think you guys are totally worth it.

Kingdom Hearts

The forums will be the best place to chat about the Kingdom Hearts series on the Internet, especially with regard to KHIII!

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To just visit the forums, click here: Kingdom Hearts 3 Forums.

Note to old users: Sorry, but changing to vBulletin has meant that we have had to delete some old records. This means users will have to sign up again. But maybe it’s good that KH3 is starting from fresh?

Enjoy the forums!