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This is a bit random – but I found this Japanese Kingdom Hearts 3D PROMO to be quite cool. It looks nice, doesn’t it?

Famitsu had revealed a bit of content concerning Dream Drop Distance. For example – we recently learned more details about the Dive Mode. Replacing the Gummi ship, Sora/Riku now dive into the dream worlds. To successfully enter a world, the player must defeat enemies while collecting orbs and pass the score goal.


Next is the reveal of the Link Portals. You will find these portals scattered around the various dream worlds. There are two different portals that you can encounter. The first one is the battle portal. In the battle portal, you will fight a specific type of Dream Eater. If you win, you will gain materials to synthesize that Dream Eater into a partner.

The second portal is a friend portal. Here, you will gain Dream Eaters sent by friends with the 3DS’s unique “Spotpass” feature.  The game also has some already placed Dream Eaters in the friend portals just in case you haven’t stumbled upon another user. Unfortunately, the default ones only last for a limited amount of time.

Famitsu also revealed some info about training your Dream Eater “toys”. In this mode, you use your stylus to pet and play with your Dream Eater. Doing so will give you Link Points (Mentioned in the last article) which you can spend on upgrading Dream Eaters.


Finally, a new batch of screens have been released. These include various high-quality images of the latest trailer along with previously unseen images.


Wait, did you think I was done?…

More screens and info have been released by other various sites. Tron and Dream Eater details/screens have been shown.


Remember how we said Dream Eaters can perform special attacks called “Link attacks” with Sora and Riku? Details of Link attacks for specific Dream Eater “Spirits” have been handed out.

The Komuri Bat for example will give Sora & Riku claws. The attack is called Dark Fierce and it will give you a unique attack combo set to mess with. The Ghost Clown will allow you to suck up enemies with its special link attack called “Ghost Vacuum”.  Third, the Scissor Beetle will give you the attack “Trap Shot” which fires bullets that stun enemies. Finally, the Idaten Giraffe will give you the link attack named “Thunderstorm”. This will allow you to jolt enemies with an quick electric type move.



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