Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

The new installement of the Kingdom Hearts series for the PSP, explaining the deep past of Kingdom Hearts, we are introduced by 3 characters, Ven, Terra and Aqua, Ven has a relation with Sora, Ven means air, as Sora means wind, which are the same; Aqua means water, and Kairi means ocean, which leads the same to water; Terra means earth, as Riku has some relation with earth. The major playable character is Terra, seen in the scans. In the game, the world Hollow Bastion or better known as Radiant Garden will explain himself more. Disney characters will make an appereance here as well. The old man is an older version of Xehanort, the game itslef will show the gamers the Real Keyblade Master, as Tetsuya Nomura (Director) well explained on his interview.

Trailer Descryption:

Scenes of the ending of Kingdom Hearts 1 flash by on the screen, and two phrases are seen clearly onscreen. One reads “Deep Past” and the other “Shut-Eyes gives birth to the concealed fate.”

We are then confronted by a young boy who looks like Roxas conversing with another young boy with black hair. Their surroundings seem to resemble Hallow Bastion (Radiant Garden). The name “Ven” is thrown outward, referring to the boy who looks like Roxas.

The scene change various times before stopping at an iamge of the Old Man from the KH2FM+ secret ending. He is called “Master Xehanort” by Terra. Soon after, Terra summons his keyblade and the screen chandes.

Various worlds are shown, and one of which is familiar to us all. “Olympus Colliseum” is making another comeback, followed by a brand new world, that of which resembles Sleeping Beauty.

The video then changes back to Terra battling against a dark figure, whom you can tell is male. This is the same man from the Secretn Ending of KH2FM+, the one who the Old Man creates. Terra is able to forceably get the man’s helmet off, but his face is concealed.

King Mickey is shown summoning kis keyblde, and then the scene changes very quicly to Terra on a beach. He seems to be watching two boys play in the ocen. After he rests his weapon into the ground, the two boys he was watching are clearer and they look like Sora and Riku. Soon after, Terra says “Please don’t depend on me, just erase me… friend.


Birth by Sleep