The 14th Member

A friend of mine from Japan working for MediaWorks Inc. that creates the Japanese Magazine “Dengeki PlayStation” recently interviewed Yoko Shimomura for an article for the June edition. I’ll post that at the time, but she also gave him a short sample of the theme she has planned for the new member of the Organization in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days!

So he emailed me the new track, temporarily entitled “The XIVth Member”, which is just over a minute long and sounds absolutely fantastic! Feel free to download it yourselves from either FileFactory or MegaUpload below:

[FileFactory] “The XIVth Member” (April Fool No Uta) MP3 Download [MegaUpload]


Update: The song you were actually downloading is the second section of the song “April Fool no Uta” – Hope you enjoyed it and didn’t mind the April Fool! I don’t know anyone that works for MediaWorks Inc. and I have no idea what will be in the June edition of Dengeki Playstation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something about Kingdom Hearts will be in it. I got the music from this YouTube video:

Special Thanks to Mokai