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Willfosho on 19 Aug 2012

[Spoilers] Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Post-Game

Don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers!

So you’ve beat Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Even after the stories been told and the bosses beat there are plenty of things to tie up post-game. Here are a few that could keep you busy during your wait for the next installment.

Dream Eaters: Create and train them. Max them out and challenge yourself. See what team works for what you need. Compete in the Flick Rush tournaments in Traverse Town. While you’re there you can always try to beat the powerhouse Julius and obtain the sought after Ultima Weapon Keyblade.

Powered-Up Bosses: Speaking of Bosses, just like the other Kingdom Hearts games there are powered up versions of bosses waiting for you after you complete the main story. You can return to these battlefields and fight the ultimate versions of the bosses you’ve already conquered.

Treasure Hunting: Because we know not everyone’s perfect there’s treasure hunting. In the journals section of the start menu you can find which worlds hold hidden treasure you may have missed during your first play-through. Who knows what could be hiding from plain sight.

Portals: Also on the menu, for those of you traveling back through completed worlds, are the portals. Portals are located in every area of the game and award some pretty nifty prizes that can be used to build dream eaters for your team. Keep your eyes peeled and challenge yourself with the secret bonus prizes.

Still not enough for you? Beat the game in other difficulties and earn yourself some trophies for doing so. The world of KH:3D may have been short but there’s always more to do if you know where to look.


Sora on 26 Jun 2012

Off to Disney World!

Hello! As you may have already all know, I am a writer for Kingdom Hearts 3. My family and I are going on vacation and we’re heading off to Florida. Unfortunately, I’ll be gone for at least 10 days as it will be a pretty long vacation. With that said, I won’t be able to write articles on the site so other team members will probably write some of them up. If anyone else has been to Disneyworld, feel free to share your experiences. I’m also heading off to Seaworld (Twice!) so it is going to be a blast.

Maybe I’ll see some Kingdom Hearts merchandise there? Who knows?

Taryn on 29 May 2012

Where Dream Eaters came from — and Kingdom Hearts itself

Taking a moment to sift into the past, has anyone ever wondered where the idea of Kingdom Hearts — combining a Final Fantasy-like world with Disney, of all things — came about? Nomura explained to Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, that when the possibility of Disney working together to create a game with Square came about, he offered himself to the challenge; it wasn’t a smooth start at first, for when Nomura introduced to Disney his image of the main character, Sora, they were somewhat appalled. Rather than the keyblade we have become accustomed to Sora wielding today, the original weapon Nomura had in mind was a chainsaw.

See the pictures below for some of the ideas Nomura had for Sora.

On the left is Sora with his chainsaw; of course the idea of a character massacring enemies with a saw wasn’t going to fare well with Dinsey.

Going on to speak of Kingdom Hearts 3D, Nomura delved into the details of where the Dream Eaters derived from. As it turns out, Nomura was inspired by two things: pets he had as a child and Nintendogs. That’s right, Nintendogs – apparently, though the concept on virtual pets itself was amiable to Nomura, in the back of his mind he always wished his pets could battle with others they met.

Source: Siliconera

Taryn on 14 Feb 2012

Dream Drop Distance 10th Anniversary Trailer

First of all, happy Valentine’s Day to all our viewers! If you happen to not have anything special planned today whilst everyone is out exchanging Valentines, maybe this can brighten up your day.

A Dream Drop Distance trailer was released today in celebration of the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary. Here it is!

If you view the video on YouTube, click “CC” to enable the subtitles since this is still only in Japanese.

At first I didn’t really feel like watching a nearly 10 minute trailer — but it proved to be worth it!

Taryn on 03 Feb 2012

Nightmares and Spirits

Hello everyone, Taryn here! I don’t believe I’ve been around with news since the temporary blog we had before, but I’m here now, and I bring with me some snippets of news on Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and some images of the foes we’ll be fighting against and the allies along side us.

But first, make sure to check out Square Enix’s Portal site; they have it decked out for the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts. And it’s looking pretty dang sharp.

Now — we know we’re up against Dream Eaters, the evil type being known as Nightmares. Autosaver told us a bit about them in an earlier article, but let’s take a look at them:

Creatures looking like these are what you can expect to see morphing into existence to attempt at stopping you as you weave your way through the game. The Nightmare in the latter image is Scissor Beetle; others we don’t currently have a pictures of are Torpedo Fish, Ice Penguin, and Rex Tyrant. It’s obvious the Nightmares are very animal-based, so that will make for some interesting folk to battle.

Now what about Spirits, the supposed nice Dream Eaters that help in battle? The following is an image of Goat Horn:

Both Sora and Riku supposedly have their own unique Spirits, Sora’s being Kuma Panda and Wonder Meow, as pictured below.

Riku will be getting Bat Bat and Goat Horn; of course there will be plenty of other colorfully vibrant Spirits for both characters to choose.

One last thing — maybe some of you already have plush doll collections of Kingdom Hearts characters, but if so, or the notion is interesting, Square Enix will be selling plush dolls of Spirits!

The above is Wonder Meow, bulbous and cheery-colored like we saw in one of the earlier screen shots in this article.

So, what do you guys think about the looks of Nightmares and Spirits? Will anyone miss being able to summon Disney characters? Let us know with a comment, or better yet, join the KH3 forum!

Source: Modojo

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