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Taryn on 05 Apr 2012

Release Dates: Kingdom Hearts 3D and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Hey guys, guess what? Square Enix has announced the US and EU release dates for Kingdom Hearts 3D! It is to be unleashed July 31 in the US — that’s hardly three months from now. For Europe, their wait is dragged out just a few days longer until August 3.

Along with that, the 3DS title Theatrhythm Final Fantasy has had its US release date announced to be July 3, which is only a two month wait.

Get pre-ordering, guys!

Source: Gaming Everything and GameKyo

Sora on 25 Nov 2011

Final Fantasy VII/DQ 3DS Remake? & 3D Screens – Return of the Drop Bar

It’s a remix version of the 7th game of a famous (J)RPG series, and will sell half year later of a spin-off game of the series.

A reliable source has tipped GoNintendo that a remake of a famous “7″ JRPG is coming to 3DS. (Lets keep it at “RUMOR” status for now!) Speculation has pinpointed the game to be either Final Fantasy 7 or Dragon Quest 7. A lot of people want a FF7 remake but it seems that might not be the case. Square has teamed up with Nintendo tons of times with Dragon Quest. Nintendo has published several of their titles and co-developed many of their games. Fortune Street (a game soon to be released on Wii) has a ton of Dragon Quest characters. We also can’t forget Dragon Quest X is coming out on Wii/Wii U in 2012. The odds for a Final Fantasy 7 remake are just slipping away now.

In other news, more Kingdom Hearts 3D screens have been released. The screens show high quality shots of the new worlds and characters appearing in Dream Drop Distance. Something that has been brought to my attention is the return of the “Drop” bar. We haven’t seen that since the first reveal of the game. I guess Square is tuning up this new feature and keeping it hidden until they finish it. You’ll also notice Sora is using a new move in which he grabs and twirls his Dream Eater. More screens are available at our sources.

Source: GoNintendo, Nintendoeverything

Sora on 14 Oct 2011

Final Fantasy XIII-2: Save the Future

Are you ready to go back to the Final Fantasy XIII universe? Coming this January 31st 2012*, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be in the hands of everyone. It is up to you to play as Sereh, Lightning’s little sister and change the future. This will be one action packed adventure coming this Winter. And that reminds me. Before this time traveling adventure, I need to pick up the prequel!

*Thank you Razamataz for noticing the typo.

Sora on 20 Sep 2011

Kingdom Hearts 3D “Y” button details + Theatrhythm Final Fantasy TGS

More details have been released concerning the Free Flow Actions. Several of these actions include pressing the “Y” button to jump off a wall to rocket into an enemy. Another detail (this was shown with some gameplay footage) is you can press “Y” and “A” to do a spin attack around a light post. The “Y” button seems to be a key button in this game as it allows you to do many cool moves to defeat enemies. Another note is that you can do Team Attacks via Dual Link which allows you to also chain it with a Free Flow Attack. Sora can also jump/super jump by pressing the B button and glide while holding down the B button. An important thing to notice is that the HUD has been totally reworked since the original 3D trailer.

If you haven’t been following along, Square is working on a new spin-off Final Fantasy title. The name of the game is called Theatrythm Final Fantasy. Many characters from the original Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy 13 will be included. The game uses a new art style that is similar to the Kingdom Hearts Mobile avatars. In this game, you fight enemies and bosses by correctly tapping to the song’s beat to attack. You can also play songs to background movies instead of enemies. This title is currently exclusive to the 3DS.

Source: Siliconera

xVentus on 08 Jun 2011

A few changes! AND Update!

Roxane and I were talking the other day, and we felt it would be nice to not only give you guys updates on Kingdom Hearts news, but Square Enix related news as well! So let us know what you think about this, since KH news is still rather.. well, rather slow. To my knowledge, Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance was scheduled to make an appearance at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), but still has yet to appear. Hopefully we’ll see something on it within the next few days.

On a brighter note, remember that update I gave you months ago about the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2? Well, I’ll admit, I thought it was being rushed and wouldn’t be a good title. But just earlier, the newest, and english language trailer, was released along with E3, and I must say I was blown away. So far, playable characters will be the legendary Lightning, new comer Noel, and the lovable little sister Serah. Also joining the party, for the first time in the Final Fantasy XIII series, are certain monsters you’ll be able to have in your party for short periods of time. Can Serah and Noel find Lightning and save Pulse before it’s too late? Stay tuned! Below, is the trailer.

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