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Sora on 01 May 2007

“Winnie The Pooh” Another Report Story

Thanks to DDragonWhisper for getting the translation of the “Winnie The Pooh” story of Another Report from Kingdom Hearts Volume 4 of the Manga series:

Pages 40 and 41
Pages 42 and 43
Pages 44 and 45
Pages 46 and 47
Pages 48 and 49
Pages 50 and 51
Pages 52 and 53
Pages 54 and 55

Sora on 23 Apr 2007

Roxas – Somewhere In Time

Here are the translations of the “Roxas – Somewhere In Time” story found in pages 57-64 of the book Another Report. Enjoy!!

Pages 56 & 57
Pages 58 & 59
Pages 60 & 61
Pages 62 & 63
Page 64

Sora on 20 Apr 2007

New “Another Report” Section! *Updated*

I’m pleased to announce the new “Another Report” section I’ve added to the site!

Kingdom Hearts: Another Report

The section includes scans of the entirety of Another Report thanks to forum member Aerith! We will be attempting to translate it all, but so far, we have GameFAQs’ TheWertle’s translations of the Director’s Secret Report XIII posted (edited by forum member Kh3fan02 and myself):

Pages 26 & 27
Pages 28 & 29
Pages 30 & 31 *Updated*
Pages 32 & 33 *Updated*

Update: We also have an EXCLUSIVE translation of pages 2 & 3!

Pages 2 & 3

Sora on 29 Mar 2007

KHII: Final Mix Details From Another Report

Someone at found the following information about Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix in Another Report:

Unlocking The Extended Secret Ending

Beginner Mode: There’s no way of unlocking it.
Standard Mode: Beat every Organization Battle, complete every world, complete Jiminy’s Journal in full, and defeat the Enigmatic Soldier (Secret Boss).
Proud Mode: Beat every Organization Battle, complete every world, and defeat the Enigmatic Soldier (Secret Boss).
Critical Mode: Complete every world (after previously being told we had to defeat the Enigmatic Soldier no matter what, it appears that isn’t the case).

(The original Secret Ending may be unlocked with other easier conditions, but that’s currently unknown.)

Limit Form

Limit Form can be gained in the second visit to Twilight Town. Similar to the other Forms, “Auto Limit” is also gained at the same time, and the abilities unique to the Form are ‘Dodge Roll’, ‘Ragnarok’, and ‘Strike Raid’.

Organization XIII Mushroom Heartless

The Organization XIII Mushroom Heartless only appear in Hollow Bastion and Twilight Town. If all of them are defeated, a new Keyblade is obtained.

Critical Mode Details

– ‘Experience Zero’, ‘Reaction Improvement’, and an extra ‘Finishing Plus’ can only be obtained in Critical Mode.
– You start with MP Haste on.
– Some enemies’ attacks can kill in one hit if precautions are not taken.

Also, more cutscenes of Re: Chain of Memories have appeared on in This News Post.

Sora on 28 Mar 2007

FM+ & OST Images and Re: CoM Footage!

With it now being past midnight in Japan, today is technically the big day! Some people have been lucky enough to have had their game arrive already though, and one of the KH-Vids staff has already got some Re: Chain of Memories Footage, all translated!

Lots Of New Final Mix+ Videos!

We have Kingdom Hearts Complete Official Soundtrack images. The first three are images from Play-Asia of the box set, the next two are 4 of the 9 CDs and the second is a photo of some of the artwork included. Click any images to enlarge them:

Play-Asia Kingdom Hearts Complete Official Soundtrack BoxPlay-Asia Kingdom Hearts Complete Official Soundtrack Box
Play-Asia Kingdom Hearts Complete Official Soundtrack Box
Kingdom Hearts Complete Official Soundrack CDs (Kingdom Hearts II)Kingdom Hearts Complete Official Soundrack CDs (Chain of Memories)Kingdom Hearts Complete Official Soundtrack Artwork

And we also have some Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ images taken by someone lucky enough to have the game now:

Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Outer Casing
Kingdom Hearts Another ReportKingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Inside Case
Inside Another Report

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