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Sora on 29 Mar 2012

Kingdom Hearts – 10th Anniversary [2/2]

Sora on 27 Mar 2012

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary – [1/2]

Behind the scenes, the staff have been discussing what we could do in honor of Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary. One of the suggestions was to make some sort of video involving some of the top favorite moments. The first part involves Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The second part will include Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded, and Kingdom Hearts 3D. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed creating it. Feel free to comment, like, and pass along this video to your friends.

xVentus on 09 Jan 2011

Re:Coded Update!!

Oh wow! Sorry everyone! It’s been a waaaaay long time since I’ve made any updates around here, and apparently since this place has gotten one at all.

Anyway, I’m here to apologize to you all for that, as well as announce I’ll be making an update more regularly for a while. It’s great to see you all again. So for now, I’m sure you’ve all heard that Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded will make its release on American shores tomorrow! If you didn’t know.. then you need a Television, because the commercial has been playing all week. If you haven’t seen it, then look no further, here it is!

Now, you should also know that this is the IGN trailer as well, but premiered as the official Television commercial, with Simple and Clean playing in the background rather than Destati. A special thanks to darkness9406 of YouTube for posting this video for us all to see! Well, this has been an update for the new year of 2011! I hope to see you all again soon, with our next update!

Sora on 26 Jan 2009

New Interview And Scans

Sorry for the late update. I’m rather broken at the moment.

First off, Kingdom Hearts Insider translated an interview with Tetsuya Nomura in the Re:Riplai book.


Q. Why does Maleficent know about “Kingdom Hearts”?
A. She is influenced by contact with a certain person. It’s a main part of the story to look forward to.

Q. Sora and company appear too!?
A. Though he is unrelated directly, please wait to see how the story leads to where Sora and company follow it up.

Q. The person wearing the full-faced helmet, have they appeared in the previous games?
A. Have they appeared… Have they not appeared… I can’t yet reveal their true character.


Q. It’s a matter of concern whether or not it’ll be released on a platform other than the mobile phone.
A. There are no plans to release it off the mobile at this stage. Since I want to continue introducing this specialized system on the mobile phones more in the future, I think that’s something to consider after the distribution of this title is finished.

Q. It look like it’d be fun even if you haven’t played Kingdom Hearts…
A. With this game as a start, people will become interested in the other Kingdom Hearts games.

Q. Isn’t it difficult to play an action game on the mobile phone?
A. It’s been tuned to be played by a simpler input method compared to the that of the normal Kingdom Hearts games. Additionally, this game comes preinstalled on the P-01A mobile phone, which can connect to a television with the appropriate cable, so it can be enjoyed on the big screen as well.

Q. Like with Before Crisis FFVII, can you communicate and play with other people?
A. This is different from BC, there are plans to play by an interesting communication.


Q. I’ve never played a Kingdom Hearts game before, so it’d be best to start from the first game?
A. This time it’s a new main character in a new story. If you’re not familiar with Kingdom Hearts, I think you can enjoy it from this main character’s point of view. Additionally, it’s full of content fans of the series will enjoy.

Q. I was interested in the system introduced in the demos.
A. I regret I can’t reveal all the details of it yet. Please expect more information to be revealed about it in the future.

Q. What kind of mode is multiplayer?
A. The multipart is basically pulled out of standalone gameplay and become missions on a higher degree of difficulty. Even playing on your own, you could choose whatever character you wanted and play.

Q. When playing as the various characters, do you gain experience points?
A. It’s not the sort of system where what you do in one play mode only influences that mode, but it’s the sort which shares levels and items mutually.

Q. Since it covers only a year of Roxas’s time, I worry that the volume of the single player mode will be small.
A. Most of the time the plot is taking place between the previous games. Since this story is independent and is elaborating from the time of Kingdom Hearts II, I think that after clearing all the missions you won’t feel that the contents were short lived.

New screenshots were featured in the march issue of VJump and were translated by bittermeat at KHI.

Also, Famitsu added some new screens. Roxas has a new keyblade! The Wind Maker!

Also, make sure you subscribe to our twitter RSS feeds so that you can be instantly notified when new news has been posted!

Sora on 22 Nov 2008

Kingdom Hearts Coded Has Launched!!!

The first of the three newest installments to to Kingdom Hearts series is now available…in Japan, at least.

Thanks to Akira-san at The Light In Chaos for this first-hand report and thanks to KH Insider for the translation

I’ve begun to play Coded, even though there are only 2 features to check out right now. I didn’t have a lot of time today, so I only played the Olympus Coliseum feature. Oh and by the way, the phone contained an email decorated with a Kingdom Hearts Mobile motif which contained information about the Coded preinstallation. I am looking forward to Mobile very much!


Sora meets with Hercules and Phil. At first there is no one around, but then after wandering a bit, Phil appears. However he shows up in a hurried tone saying, “Help me out!” As you’d expect, there are Heartless needing to be dealt with.

This time it seems like the battles are consecutive mixed with a tutorial on how to play the game. (Though I didn’t see where they explained how to use Jump.) Feels like the Heartless steadily increased in a pattern like this as you defeat them: 1>3>5>(for a moment it went back to 1)>8>100… I forgot to mention here that the 9 key or pressing a directional button twice does Dodge Roll and the 6 key does Guard.

By the way, when it returned to 1, I was fighting against a Large Body, therefore attacking it from the front was useless. Since there are no Magic attacks, I had to attack it from the back. Also, since the Large Body summoned the bug blocks, breaking them and avoiding attacks was necessary in order to not be hindered by them. At first a few would appear at the same time, making it so you had to Jump more often to move about.

When enemies are defeated, they drop debug prizes which are rarely HP balls, and when you break the bug blocks, HP balls are dropped. 100 points were earned after battling and then there was an ending event scene.

At first I forgot what buttons to press, so I only could Guard. (I’m a fool ;^;) So I started it once again from the beginning and it was easier to clear after that. As usual, the Large Body still repel attacks, lol.

The sound quality wasn’t the best, but for the time being it looks better than Chain of Memories on the Gameboy Advance. By the way, there were battle voices. Sora said things like “Ha!” and “Take that!” during the battles, and then things like “Ugh!” and “Ahh!” when he took damage.

But, sometimes the movement became slow and would stop suddenly, which worries me. ;^; Oh the capacity… I feel there is no hope for it.

Overall it took about 20 minutes to do. (And then afterward write this guide.) I think I’ll practice here until I am used to it.

After the battle in the event scene Hercules comes out, then at that time Sora says something about bringing a “certain thing.” (It has to do with the previous Kingdom Hearts.) I try looking for it, thinking “Is it that? It’s not that! Was it dropped?!” :D

Well, then after that Phil seems to have discovered it… Seems to be that the flavor is “salty, but sweet.” It’s other meaning makes me smile. :D …Then at once Hercules disappeared! In every sense! :D

Since the Traverse Town feature is there too, I think I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

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