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Sora on 27 Mar 2012

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary – [1/2]

Behind the scenes, the staff have been discussing what we could do in honor of Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary. One of the suggestions was to make some sort of video involving some of the top favorite moments. The first part involves Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. The second part will include Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded, and Kingdom Hearts 3D. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed creating it. Feel free to comment, like, and pass along this video to your friends.

Sora on 20 Feb 2012

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box + Strategy Guide

Look at that sexy beast! This is a Kingdom Hearts fan’s dream come true. This thing better come out here in the states. Unlike the DS/PSP, the 3DS is NOT region free so importing it isn’t the best choice. The box contains 358/2 Days, RE:Coded, 3D, a protect cover, and 12 post cards. Hey, we can’t forget the best part of the package – A FREE BOX!

An unofficial Dream Eater strategy guide by Jump will be coming out at the same time the game launches. Additional AR cards will be included if you buy it.

Source: GoNintendo

Sora on 14 Feb 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3D – 10th Anniversary Trailer + In-Depth Recap

As previously posted, a new Kingdom Hearts 3D trailer has been uploaded. The new trailer has a ton of new content we haven’t seen before. It seems like we can confirm that The World That Never Was and Atlantica will be reappearing.

This post will pretty much recap on what the trailer covered. The video will be reposted for easier viewing to look alongside the writing.

0:00 – 0:45: The video opens up with the Kingdom Hearts 10th anniversary logo. Young Xehanort confronts Sora telling him that he has other hearts other than his own inside of him. Vanitas makes an appearance for a couple seconds.
0:46 – 1:30: New CGI clips of big moments of past Kingdom Hearts moments are shown here. Sora, Riku, and Mickey fighting Xehanort at Keyblade Graveyard is also shown. Possibly foreshadowing of Kingdom Hearts III.
1:31 – 1:47 – Notre Dame cutscenes are shown
1:48 – 2:05 – Tron Legacy World cutscenes are shown. Sora meets the Tron cast.
2:06 – 2:22 – The Three Musketeers worlds is shown. Characters are revealed and conflict is shown.
2:23 – 2:40 – Pinocchio World is shown. Sora confronts a Dream Eater Pinocchio that tricks Sora. Sora meets the Blue Fairy and Riku meets Gepetto.
2:41 – 2:50 – Fantasia World is shown.
2:51 – 3:50 – Various worlds are shown, Sora seems to have learned something about the keyblade (Or possibly how to use it?) from Mickey in the fantasia world.
3:51 – 4:12 – Menus and Dream state are shown, gameplay is shown.
4:13 – 4:17 – Atlantica World (Little Mermaid) is shown – Ursula battle is fought with Sora and Riku.
4:18 – 4:30 – Notre Dame and Tron Legacy battles shown. Sora meets some sort of enemy in a Tron suit. (Sorry, haven’t watched the movie!)
4:31 – 5:00 – Sora is found Dream Diving, Wonder Comic is shown.
5:01 – 5:15 – Dream Eater Pal minigames/multiplayer footage.
5:16 – 6:03 – A ton of footage is shown. A snowy area appears but I’m not sure if that is part of an existing world.
6:04 – 6:24 – Riku is confronted by a mysterious figure (Young Xehanort) who tells Riku that he’ll be lost for good.
6:25 – 6:55 – Roxas is telling Axel to keep a promise that Axel will always bring him back. (Supposedly Xion too) Lea is found in a room and seems to have his original somebody restored.
6:56 – 7:09 – Yen Sid tells Sora and Riku that they need to bring back people that are sleeping in sadness to open the 7 keyholes of sleep.

7:10 – 7:20 – Joshua reveals to Sora that the world is split. I guess that Riku is in an alternate Traverse Town at the same time Sora is. Joshua assumes that Young Xehanort has something to do with it.
7:21 – 7:53 – More cutscene footage of characters
7:52 – 8:15 – Ansem/Young Xehanort confront Riku and Sora telling bad things will happen to them. Mickey tells Yen Sid that he should go help them.
8:16 – 8:44 – Sora meets Braig in the World that Never Was. Riku confronts Master Xehanort is some unknown area. (?)
8:45 – 8:55 – Lea wants to help and asks Yen Sid if he can.
8:56 – 9:07 – Mickey and Riku are in the throne room fighting Xemnas and Ansem. Mickey finds out Master Xehanort is behind all of this.
9:08 – 9:27 – Red shots (Braig’s gun?) appear around Sora in the World That Never Was. Young Xehanort confronts Sora and tells him to join him. Footage of past characters are flash backed. Sora is sitting in the throne room for some reason. I’m not sure who the person with the red eyes is.

Sora on 09 Feb 2012

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Box Art

The box art has finally been revealed. It actually looks quite nice to be honest. I’m loving that art style they used in the box art as it reminds me of all the illustrations Square has made for Kingdom Hearts. The only question is, what happened to that purple theme? It seems like Square stuck with their colors themes with previous games (Days – Orange/Red, BbS – Blue, RE:Coded – Yellow) but they didn’t with this one. Also, why is Mickey flying down with Sora? If I remember correctly, Mickey doesn’t go to the dream world by himself. His only appearances are his dream world versions.

We still don’t know what the bundle and 10th anniversary edition boxes look like. I have a feeling there will be 3 drastic box arts made for each package.

Source: Andriasang

Sora on 28 Jan 2012

Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Collection to include 3 games, cover, and postcards

Remember when we made a post not too long ago detailing the Kingdom Hearts 3D Bundle? In that same post, we also mentioned the Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Dream Drop Distance box. We didn’t know any details so we were clueless on what was inside. Recently, the content inside has been revealed. For ¥15,000 you’ll get

  • Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days [DS game]
  • Kingdom Hearts RE:Coded [DS game]
  • 12 Post cards with Kingdom Hearts art
  • A Protective Cover sheet

Source: Andriasang

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