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Sora on 01 Apr 2008

April Fool: New KH: 358/2 Days Track!

The 14th Member

A friend of mine from Japan working for MediaWorks Inc. that creates the Japanese Magazine “Dengeki PlayStation” recently interviewed Yoko Shimomura for an article for the June edition. I’ll post that at the time, but she also gave him a short sample of the theme she has planned for the new member of the Organization in Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days!

So he emailed me the new track, temporarily entitled “The XIVth Member”, which is just over a minute long and sounds absolutely fantastic! Feel free to download it yourselves from either FileFactory or MegaUpload below:

[FileFactory] “The XIVth Member” (April Fool No Uta) MP3 Download [MegaUpload]


Update: The song you were actually downloading is the second section of the song “April Fool no Uta” – Hope you enjoyed it and didn’t mind the April Fool! I don’t know anyone that works for MediaWorks Inc. and I have no idea what will be in the June edition of Dengeki Playstation, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something about Kingdom Hearts will be in it. I got the music from this YouTube video:

Special Thanks to Mokai

Sora on 15 Sep 2007

Tokyo Game Show 2007 Official Sites

Square-Enix have been updating their site for the Tokyo Game Show 2007, and the Official Site about the event has been updated too:

Square-Enix Tokyo Game Show 2007 Site
Official Tokyo Game Show 2007 Site

The Square-Enix site has wallpapers (although none related to Kingdom Hearts) to download and use too if you wish – Just go to the far left or right, and then up or down respectively. It’s a very interactive site with many extra features.

Kingdom Hearts doesn’t feature in the games line-up (as many people have mentioned in the comments), but that is due to the fact that the new project hasn’t been officially “announced” yet. The new video should be shown in the Closed Mega Theatre at some point over the weekend. There won’t be playable demos.

For more information, please look at the Tokyo Game Show 2007 News Post.

In other news, Yoko Shimomura has updated her blog to say that 4 Kingdom Hearts pieces will be performed at “Press Start 2007 – Symphony of Games”. The concert is being performed on the 17th and 22nd of September. (If you’re in Japan, I’d recommend going to the 17th September concert before going to the Tokyo Game Show.) One of these 4 pieces is said to be a new piece that hasn’t been heard before! The 4 pieces will form the finale of the concert. (Fans of the Black Mages will be pleased to know that they will be performing at the first of the two concerts.)

Official Press Start 2007 – Symphony of Games Site (Japanese Version)
Pacifico Yokohama Site (English Version) – 17th September Concert Location
Umeda Arts Theatre Site (Japanese Version) – 22nd September Concert Location

Also, apologies for the massive delay in news – For those who don’t already know, the Official Square-Enix Shop is now open:

Official Square-Enix USA Online Merchandise Store

Sora on 28 Aug 2007

Kingdom Hearts Piano Medley #2

It’s been awhile since any news has been posted, so I thought I should post this. GermanSeabass has recently done his second fantastic medley of Kingdom Hearts music improvised on piano. It also includes an interpretation of “Fate of the Unknown” using the arrangement on this site:

People have requested the audio version, so below is the Mp3 link. The best option is to right-click the link and “Save Target As…” for PC users:

Kingdom Hearts Piano Medley 2 Audio

- If you haven’t seen his first Piano Medley, click this line -
- Fate of the Unknown For Piano -

Sora on 17 Jun 2007

More Kingdom Hearts Music Remixes

Still no real news about the upcoming “New Project” for now, so I decided to upload some more remixes that I’ve received, most of them absolutely brilliant! You can download them from FileFactory or MegaUpload from the new “More KH Remixes” page.

More Kingdom Hearts Remixes

Also, for those of you still waiting for the English versions of the Atlantica songs, I should be able to get them up sometime over the coming week.

Sora on 31 May 2007

Kingdom Hearts Official Ringtones *Updated*

The Official Square-Enix Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ Site has been updated to include a coded image (shown to the right).

Update: This is apparently connected to Square-Enix releasing official ringtones for mobile phones. However, this will only be available for people in Japan (or presumably people with Japanese tariffs). They’ve created ringtones of 24 of the best tracks from the Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete – The choices were influenced by fans’ feedback. The ringtones available will be:

Kingdom Hearts Official Soundtrack Complete Coded Image

Disc 1 (5 Tracks)
Track 10 – Kairi I
Track 14 – Destiny’s Force
Track 16 – Traverse Town
Track 22 – To Our Surprise
Track 32 – Hand In HandDisc 2 (4 Tracks)
Track 17 – Never Land Sky
Track 20 – Hollow Bastion
Track 21 – Scherzo Di Notte
Track 29 – Always On My MindDisc 3 (7 Tracks)
Track 01 – Dearly Beloved
Track 04 – Lazy Afternoons
Track 11 – Missing You
Track 12 – The 13th Struggle
Track 13 – Roxas
Track 17 – Friends In My Heart
Track 23 – Desire For All That Is Lost
Disc 4 (1 Track)
Track 27 – Floating In BlissDisc 5 (1 Track)
Track 25 – The 13th DilemmaDisc 8 (2 Tracks)
Track 16 – NaminĂ©
Track 19 – Graceful Assassin

Disc 9 (4 Tracks)
Track 04 – Another Side
Track 07 – The 13th Reflection
Track 09 – Deep Anxiety
Track 10 – The Other Promise

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