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Sora on 30 Apr 2013

From the owner

Hello all,

Been a while since I posted on here. Fact is that I am very busy these days as a pub (bar/restaurant – whatever) manager and have little spare time to do much with these sites. Well, I have some time but I guess my motivation is such that updating video game websites has become very low on the list of daily responsibilities.

The reason for this post is a bit of a challenge. I am looking for someone who is willing to design a strong WordPress theme around this site. Something that will bring Kingdom Hearts 3 kicking and screaming out of the 1990s 2000s.

As such, if anyone would like to volunteer, let me know by way of email. Please us alex_sains AT hotmail DOT com

Taryn on 22 Jul 2012

Updates — Farewell to xVentus and Autosaver

Hey everyone, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates. Stuff has been crazy in the community (not to use the same excuse or anything, but it’s very true); a lot of site migratory issues are underway and we’ll try to keep you all updated on what goes on, though you may notice quite a few changes here soon yourselves. But disregard the word on needing to go elsewhere for your news, because we’ll keep fighting to deliver.

Before I reel in some of the recent Kingdom Hearts news, I’d like to let everyone know we’ll no longer be seeing xVentus or Autosaver posting news on KH3; they’ve moved on to other things, but while they were here they did immense work for the site and we’ll always be thankful for their effort in that respect. And now, to the news!

Taryn on 03 Feb 2012

Nightmares and Spirits

Hello everyone, Taryn here! I don’t believe I’ve been around with news since the temporary blog we had before, but I’m here now, and I bring with me some snippets of news on Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and some images of the foes we’ll be fighting against and the allies along side us.

But first, make sure to check out Square Enix’s Portal site; they have it decked out for the 10th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts. And it’s looking pretty dang sharp.

Now — we know we’re up against Dream Eaters, the evil type being known as Nightmares. Autosaver told us a bit about them in an earlier article, but let’s take a look at them:

Creatures looking like these are what you can expect to see morphing into existence to attempt at stopping you as you weave your way through the game. The Nightmare in the latter image is Scissor Beetle; others we don’t currently have a pictures of are Torpedo Fish, Ice Penguin, and Rex Tyrant. It’s obvious the Nightmares are very animal-based, so that will make for some interesting folk to battle.

Now what about Spirits, the supposed nice Dream Eaters that help in battle? The following is an image of Goat Horn:

Both Sora and Riku supposedly have their own unique Spirits, Sora’s being Kuma Panda and Wonder Meow, as pictured below.

Riku will be getting Bat Bat and Goat Horn; of course there will be plenty of other colorfully vibrant Spirits for both characters to choose.

One last thing — maybe some of you already have plush doll collections of Kingdom Hearts characters, but if so, or the notion is interesting, Square Enix will be selling plush dolls of Spirits!

The above is Wonder Meow, bulbous and cheery-colored like we saw in one of the earlier screen shots in this article.

So, what do you guys think about the looks of Nightmares and Spirits? Will anyone miss being able to summon Disney characters? Let us know with a comment, or better yet, join the KH3 forum!

Source: Modojo

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