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Sora on 12 Nov 2008

Days Will Not Be Released This Quarter

At the Tokyo Game Show 2008 we learned that Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days will be released in February of 2009. Square Enix North America recently released a list of games that will be released during Q1, or “First Quarter”, and Days did not make the cut. (Pardon my pun)
This is not shocking news, nor is it groundbreaking, due to the fact that since Days’ release date in Japan is during the first quarter and because time is required to make the translations, advertise, and localize the game before it is released.
Q1 lasts from January to the end of March so it seems logical that Days may not get a NA release date until the end of Q2 (April through June) or even into Q3.

Stay tuned and once an official release date is revealed, you will be notified.
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Source: Square-Enix

Sora on 24 Oct 2008

Massive Screen Shots Update

Gamekyo has updated their site with some screen shots released by Square-Enix. Screens from 358/2 Days were released in the Nintendo DS secton of Shonen Jump and the screens for Birth By Sleep were shown in the Chinese edition of Famitsu. Here’s a few below, but if you want to see them all click the links at the bottom.

358/2 Days


Birth By Sleep


All we need now is the correct pronunciation for 358/2 Days.

Source: GameKyo: 358/2 Days and Birth By Sleep

Sora on 16 Oct 2008

TGS Wrap Up

It has been an exciting Show for the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Let’s recap and go over what was revealed this year!

First up,

Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

We know that Square-Enix announced that Days will be released in Japan next year in February. In the new trailer, Xion’s face is shown completely; her hair is black and similar to Kairi’s, except for she parts it on the opposite site. Also in the trailer, Roxas, Axel, and Xion are seen on Destiny Islands that -according to reportors- resemble scenes between Sora, Kair, and Riku; Xion is revealed to be a Nobody with a “special birth”.
In the demo, according to a blogger, each Organization member is shown, but only six were available for game play. Does that mean that one needs to unlock the other members?

Here’s a trailer description by FF&KH Online and The Light In Chaos

358/2 Days Trailer Report From The Light in Chaos and FF&KH Online

Background Music: The Other Promise, drammatica version.

Twilight Town, the white room.
Xion has come to see Namine.
Namine: “I wanted to meet you, Xion.”

Xion removes her hood, completely revealing her face.

Destiny Islands, along the shore.
Roxas picks up a seashell.

Twilight Town, on the clock tower.
Roxas: “It is the 255th day since I entered the Organization.
Axel: “You’ve memorized the number of days?”
Roxas: “I want to remember that I was born.”

Twilight Town, in the forest on the edge of town.
Riku in the form of Ansem meets with the King.
For a moment he raises his keyblade in defense, he recognizes Riku.
When a blindfold is tied around his eyes, Riku’s figure returns.
His expression appears surprised.

Twilight Town, in the pod room.
Diz: “If he is lacking a few memories, will he have a problem waking?”
Namine: “In his case, it is an important key if he’s going to wake up.”
Diz: “Namine, what do you foresee?”
Namine: “If it’s connected to another memory, surely she can’t endure it.”
Diz: “She…?”

Destiny Islands, along the shore, near the paopu tree.
Roxas, Axel, and Xion talk while watching the sunset.

Xion: “Do I not exist?”
Axel: “What do you want to do, Xion?”
Xion: “I… I want to be together with two people.”
Roxas: “Well, then you should come back.”
Xion: “But I can’t return as it is now.”
Xion: “… How is it possible for two people to be the same?”

The World That Never Was, in the castle.
Saix orders something to Axel.

Saix: “Your worthless friendship or the extinction of Roxas.”
Saix: “Which is more important to you?”

Axel looks ticked off.

Destiny Islands, at the shore?
Blindfolded Riku and Xion are talking.
Xion: “Will you tell me about it? About Sora and the girl he’s always together with.”
Riku: “You mean Kairi?”
Xion: “Kairi… The girl looks like me.”
Riku: “She’s the girl Sora cares a lot for.”

Xion’s face looks flustered.

Xion: “I’m sorry… But… I can’t disappear now.”
Xion: “It’s because I have an important friend.”
Riku: “Is that so…?”

Riku places a hand upon her shoulder.

Riku: “In that case, think about it. You should really return to your original self.”

Footage of gameplay is shown.
With Xigbar in Halloween Town.
With Xaldin in Twilight Town.
With Saix in Olympus Coliseum.
Multiplayer footage was shown as well.

Twilight Town, tram plaza.
Roxas and Xion are shown engaged in a fight.

Roxas: “I’ve been searching this whole time with Axel――”

Xion, in silence and with a severe face, points the Kingdom Key toward Roxas.

Twilight Town, in front of the mansion.
Xion is in an argument with Axel, Roxas is to the side.

Xion: “Don’t go easy on me, Axel.”
Axel: “You’ve gotta be kidding! Don’t screw with me.”

Appearing in his hands are his chakrams covered in fire.

Axel: “I’ve decided. No matter how many times you escape, I will bring you back.”
Xion: “…”

Twilight Town, the pod room.
DiZ, Namine, and Riku stare at the pod Sora sleeps in.
Have the reproduction of Sora’s memories stopped…?

DiZ: “Has it stopped completely?”
Namine: “Yes.”
DiZ: “We have no time to lose.”

Destiny Islands, the shore.
Xion is lying down, worrying.

Xion: “Who am I?”

Releasing February 2009.

358/2 Days Demo Impressions From The Light in Chaos

Multiplayer mode
Playing as Marluxia.

He had the greatest HP and offensive abilities, a high critical attack percentage, but his movement is slower, especially in large areas. The stats can be read on the upper screen, while the selection is made on the lower one. I wonder if his fault is that his attack range is too wide and he hits the other players?

Because the levels were the same as last time, the contents of the demo felt slightly more polished. I attacked too aggressively and they were slightly sluggish, so I wasn’t able to use potions quick enough and suffered damage as a result. But as the offensive strength indicated, his attacks caused a large amount of damage.

358/2 Days Demo Impressions From The Light in Chaos

Singleplayer mode
Place: Halloween Town
Boss: Dual Blade

At first you start as Roxas and you must find Xigbar. You encounter him in the main plaza area of the level. There is an indication of where to approach on the map. If you go from the bottom of the stairs, toward the area around the coffin, you’ll find Xigbar. After that, Xigbar joins Roxas in the single player mode.

The next encounter is in front of the bridge leading to Oogie Boogie’s home. There is are big snow crystals inside ice cubes scattered about. You have to watch out because they are powerful and have a large attack range. After defeating them, the Dual Blade boss appears. It has powerful attacks, causing you to freeze if you’re hit, so avoid them and attack when it’s guard is down. The demo ended after defeating it.

Seems this time instead of being supported by Axel or Xaldin, the role is reversed and Roxas is supporting Xigbar. Well, at least Roxas wasn’t a “drag” again.

Next up,

Kingdom Hearts: Coded

KH: Coded had a playable demo, which was not expected, and according to reports, it possesses a nostalgic feeling similar to the first Kingdom Hearts. The demo had two playable puzzles.

Coded Trailer Impression from FF&KH Online and The Light in Chaos

Background Music: Destati, drammatica version.

“A forbidden secret――”

Traverse Town
The King holds out a hand to Sora coming out of the back alley.
King Mickey: “Sora, your journey began here.”
King Mickey: “What you don’t know is, that I was here on that day too.”
King Mickey: “I’m going to tell you the truth.”

Destiny Islands, the secret place.
A person wearing the coat of a Organization XIII member appears before Sora’s eyes.

Organization member: “This world is damaged.”
Organization member: “You’ll have to go if you want to heal it’s wounds.”

Battle screens are shown.

Traverse Town.
Sora receives something glittery (probably data) from the person in the Organization coat.

Traverse Town, first district.
The person in the coat stands in front of some stairs.
Bugs spread from under their feet, appearing as black and red blocks.
Sora confronts the person in the coat

Sora: “It’s you causing this catastrophe!?”

Disney Castle, the study/libary room.
The person in the Organization XIII coat appears in front of the King, Jiminy Cricket, Goofy, and Donald.
Again, the bugs spread from underneath their feet.

Kingdom Hearts: Mobile

Famitsu Interview with Nomura (KH Mobile)

──Seems like the start of the Mobile site service is quickly approaching.

Nomura: Indeed. It’s being gone over daily to make sure there are no bugs in it. The avatars are even more interesting than you could imagine. In the promotional video, if Sora is Sora, and Riku is Riku, they could rearrange their appearances so one avatar has the head of Sora and the body of Riku, and vice versa. Actually, every part will be able to be customized freely. The impression in the trailer we wanted to display is that te feature is packed with a wide variety of contents.

──Do you have your own avatar?

Nomura: Would you like to see it?

──Of course!


──It’s cute with a devilish nature. (Laughs) So can you play with it?

Nomura: I made a new type of heartless. (Laughs) There is a demo with playable mini games in the mobile corner, please stop by there if you get the chance.

Someone graciously recorded part of the Coded trailer

And last, but definitely not least,

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

The release for BBS is still planed for 2009 in Japan. The trailer shown at the TGS did not change much from the one shown at DΣS3713, as well as the playable demo. However, these scenes were added to the trailer:

Background Music: Fate of the Unknown

Castle of Dreams.
Aqua glances Cinderella running to her carriage, and runs after her.
Cinderella drops one of her glass slippers.

In the world of Snow White.
Aqua looks into a mirror and the figure of the evil witch is projected.
Aqua jumps for a moment and steps back, then plunges into the mirror.

Aqua’s battle scene.
Her fighting style seems like floating.
She does not hold the keyblade, the keyblade attacks as if it knows her intentions.
Sort of like Final Form from Kingdom Hearts II.
Her mode changed to something pink, but the name of it is unknown.

Trailers of game play can be found here and here.

Famitsu Interview with Nomura

──If 358/2 Days was emphasizing Xion, then was Birth by Sleep emphasizing Aqua?

Nomura: Aqua’s battle scenes were exhibited for the first time to the public, her movement is fast and easy to overlook. So that you don’t lose sight of her, concentrate and try to keep your eyes on her. Frankly speaking, since its hard to see clearly, she is teleporting in the battle scenes. Because the teleportation occurs instantaneously, it’s hard to catch sight of. (Laughs)

It was an exciting Tokyo Game Show this year. But before you go, here’s an artist’s rendition of what Xion will look like:

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Sora on 06 Oct 2008

Coded And Mobile Official Websites Have Been Updated

Square seems to be doing some last minute updates to the websites for the three upcoming Kingdom Hearts titles. The Kingdom Hearts: Coded and Kingdom Hearts: Mobile sites have been updated.

Kingdom Hearts: Coded official website
Kingdom Hearts: Mobile official web site

UPDATE: Translations by KH Insider
For those of you anticipating this game, please note that game play will be distributed as episodes through the Mobile Portal Site, which is a Japan only feature at this point. This fact makes the likelihood of Coded being released overseas very slim indeed, but that may change if Square decides to announce an overseas release at the Tokyo Game Show.



There were 2 notebooks left recording their trips.
The first should have recorded a journey twice,
But instead there remained one line…

“Thank Namine.”

No, this line… For it to be recorded,
This duty must have been carried out…

Jiminy has returned to Disney Castle
While sorting through the travel records, his eyes stopped upon a single page
A mysterious message was written there

(Page 1)


“We must return to free them from their torment.”

However, no matter how he tried,
He could not remember the meaning of it.
Therefore he went to the King to discuss it.

(Page 2)


“Trouble remembering that sentence…

“There is only one person who is qualified to solve this mystery!”

(Page 3)


So the King turns Jiminy’s Journal into data,
and the investigation begins

In the world traced by Jiminy’s Journal A sleepy boy wakes up on Destiny Islands

This is how Sora’s adventure into a digital world begins…

(Page 4)



In order to solve the mysterious message left in Jiminy’s Journal, Sora is the main character active in the data world. He is even transformed into data himself.


Title Name – Kingdom Hearts coded
Platform – NTT docomo FOMA, Model TBA
Genre – RPG
Release Date & Price - TBA
CERO Examination – Examination Scheduled
Copyright – ©Disney. Developed by SQUARE ENIX

The smallest Kingdom Hearts.

A gathering of everything Kingdom Hearts

In a few days the mobile portal site will open.

In the “Avatar Kingdom”, one can obtain avatar items,

Enjoy coordinating them in your own unique way!

Among the town shops, of course there are item shops for avatars.

Enjoy your free time at the game shop, invite your friends,

You can even participate in special events, it’s fully loaded with fun things!

Obtain expecting mail and decorated mail features from the art gallery

And ringtones from the melody shop are being prepared!

Also, the distribution of Kingdom Hearts Coded is planned from here!

Product Summary
Name – Kingdom Hearts Mobile (Portal Site)
Supporting Models – NTT docomo FOMA 703i, 903i Planned for this model and everyone after. (Some non-compatible models available.)
Opening Day – This Fall
Price TBA
Copyright – ©Disney. Developed by SQUARE ENIX ©SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

Thanks to forum user Twilight_Riku for the tip

Sora on 13 Sep 2008

Nomura Interview In Degeki Wii + DS Translated!!!

Hello readers, the latest edition of the Japanese magazine Degeki Wii + DS contains an extended interview with Kingdom Hearts Director Tetsuya Nomura. In it, Nomura discussed the three upcoming KH titles, a new website for fans, as well as some hints of what will be revealed at the Hearts Director Tetsuya Nomura! There is discussion on all three titles and hints of more to come from the Tokyo Game Show 2008.

The keywords of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: “I can’t remember, something important.”

―― First let’s talk about KH 358/2 Days, it features the nobody Roxas as the main character?

Nomura: The KH series has consistently revolved around the theme of the “heart”, but now Roxas is the main character who joins up with Organization XIII who are said not to have hearts. Since the original KH, heart and memory are thought to be closely linked, therefore the theme drawn in this title is that of “memories”. So this time the catch copy of the title also becomes keywords: “I can’t remember, something important.”

―― Will the adventure of Roxas proceed the same as Sora did by traveling from world to world?

Nomura: It’ll be a little different. The main concern is the sticky situation with the worlds Sora has been since it can’t contradict with the story of KHII. This time the objective of the events happening in the Disney worlds is to influence Roxas, gradually producing some sort of change in him. For instance, in the Beauty and the Beast world, upon seeing the Beast and Belle, is Roxas able to recognize their love?

―― Will the content of such scenarios move the player to tears?

Nomura: I write the base scenarios for KH every time, but this time I think the surprising content is really being able to get a feel for their quiet everyday lives. (Smiles) Personally, I don’t want the contents to resemble that of previous developments. When I’m writing, I never think things like, “Oh, this’ll make the player cry.” That process is really up to the players, right?

―― Does the connection between the titles become a matter of concern?

Nomura: Naturally, there’s much to keep in mind. There are various parts to think about, like “this thing has to be connected with that kind of thing,” or fussing over things like the sea salt ice cream. (Smiles)

―― So we heard the lines spoken by the 14th member at the private event held in August.

Nomura: Really it was planned to reveal her voice in the scenes at the next event. (Smiles) It’s a curious thing, everyone is wondering which character her voice connects to. Already people are guessing she is the nobody of some character, but then who is Xion really? What becomes of her heart? This will be explored more at Tokyo Game Show this Fall, so please look forward to it.

―― Multi player mode is prepared for this title as well, what kind of concept were in mind?

Nomura: We wanted something simple that 4 players could communicate and enjoy together, but not be something that was just going to steal the game’s attention. The experience made in the main story can be utilized in multiplayer mode, likewise the experience made in multiplayer mode is useful in the main story, this system reflects them mutually.

―― Because the player can choose from the members of Organization XIII in multiplayer mode, it seems like an adjustment to balance them would be needed…

Nomura: Indeed. But growth among them will be a common element. In the multiplayer mode, the characters can be customized based on the progress made by Roxas in the main story. That growth is based on the parts of data being transfered, it’s a fairly bold thing to do.

―― Speaking of boldness, in the demo version, the player could operate the camera using the lower screen, that was also a bold idea.

Nomura: Moving the camera by directly moving one’s finger across the touch screen made sense, even for players who generally aren’t used to that sort of thing. It was also popular among staff, though it was their opinion that “it was difficult to operate with the stylus.” Therefore operating with the stylus is optional. (Smiles) Still, some people will resist touching the screen with their fingers. In the current version you could only survey left and right, I though that you wouldn’t need to look up or down, but the opinion of the staff was that “it’s inconvenient unless the player can look up.” Will there be room for improvement? (Smiles) The current demo is only one part of the game. At this time there are more cool things to do, so please look forward to it.


Make an avatar in KH Mobile and it will become a resident of the world in the palm of you hand!

―― Kingdom Hearts Mobile starts on the mobile phone, what kind of service will it be?

Nomura: The portal site for KH Mobile will be crammed with KH related information and items. You’ll be able to look up information on the games of the KH series, mobile phone screensavers and ringtones will be available, the plan is to have this site contain everything related to KH so that it can easily be accessed on the mobile phone. But in order to keep it from being a dull general information site, users can create avatars. So when the user wants a new screensaver or ring tone, they take their avatar to the town shop and make a purchase (downloading it).

―― Will users be able to change their avatars after they’ve made one?

Nomura: As for that, they’ll be able to do it freely. (Smiles) Your avatar could have the face of Sora and body of Riku. With accessories and costumes, and customizing the face and hairstyle little by little, the users can create good variations. In order to do so they’ll have to go to the town shop and purchase these things (download them).

―― Other than the avatars, will site information and other buyable items be updated?

Nomura: It’s intended to be updated regularly. As the number of buyable items increase, hopefully event items for every season will become available.

―― Will contents of Kingdom Hearts Coded be available on KH Mobile?

Nomura: Well, KH Mobile will be the first out, so from it you’ll be able to choose to play KH Coded.

―― When does the service start?

Nomura: It’s announced for this Fall, but the portal site is earnestly being developed so that is ready in time for Tokyo Game Show. There isn’t a particular update yet, but it’ll be an fun place people will want to play at.


The keywords of Kindom Hearts Coded: “A forbidden secret.”

―― KH Coded is the direct sequel of KHII, could you tells about it’s highlights?

Nomura: The content of KH Coded is similar to that of KH Chain of Memories (COM below). Even for players who aren’t aware of the previous story, everyone will be able to deepen their understanding
of the KH series. Therefore people who already fans of KH will really want to play this game by all means.

―― What kind of concrete development will it have?

Nomura: The story investigates the mystery message left inside Jiminy’s Journal, so like in COM the characters travel through the past. But like the case of COM, a new drama following KH unfolds, those intervals will enter as original episodes. In the case of KH Coded, they visit the same Traverse Town but something is different. Why is that? Examining those kind of parts close up becomes the content of this game.

―― A very deep story seems to unfold.

Nomura: It’s breadth is not so vast, but the inner part of the story becomes deep. At the private event last month the keywords “the forbidden secret” were compiled in the trailer, so generally speaking that becomes the image of this title.

―― In recent screenshots, depictions of arrows on the screen are shown, are these instructions for attacking?

Nomura: The arrows indicate the order of input for the direction keys. The system works by inputting the keys in order which results in a simple combo of attacks. Since it’s operations are suited to work on the mobile phone, it becomes similar to ordinary mobile phone operations.

―― Will KH Coded also be released via mobile delivery format?

Nomura: That’s right, but it won’t be released in it’s entirety. Because the KH series is based on moving through the worlds while advancing the story, I’m thinking that the new worlds for the title will be distributed gradually.


The keywords of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep: “Connections of the heart.”

―― What kind of theme is drawn up in the story of KH Birth by Sleep (BBS below)?

Nomura: The theme seems to revolves between “connections of the heart” and “fate.” When it is played last, the player will understand that the KH story that take place afterwards is one “not of chance, but a story that becomes inevitable.” Unlike the tender atmosphere of the older games, this one is serious. Because it is a very sad story, people have asked “how do you manage it?” when involving Disney works. (Smiles) A painful story unfolds. Though KH “isn’t that kind of thing”, this time we’ll try to progress the story in that direction.

―― Terra, Ventus, and Aqua appear as the main three characters, but what kind of characters are each of them?

Nomura: Terra is the type who makes his goal’s his highest priority. But he’s not a bad fellow, though his stress on obtaining his goals causes conflict. The story of Ventus seems to feel closer to the ones of KH seen so far. He is able to make friends with the dwellers of the worlds he visits and is the type to blend into a world naturally. Aqua is a serious character, she has a steady mind and often worries about the other two. She is eyewitness to the recent events, therefore she takes that sort of a standpoint.

―― How does the story of these three advance?

Nomura: They advance by taking separate actions on the same time axis. For example, when Terra visits a certain world and the other two people have not been there yet. There by naturally the connection to the particular world changes too. Such story development will really be the charm of BBS.

―― As for the play order of each character, can the player decide?

Nomura: I assume that it’s being developed right now. Therefore depending on the order chosen by the player, if they have not played as Terra yet, and they choose Aqua and start visiting worlds with her, they’ll understand the actions of Terra early. (Smiles) That might not be what was expected or hoped for, but I think it will be a little interesting.

―― If all 3 characters come together in the ending, will the entire image of the story become clear?

Nomura: Indeed. For instance, the mysteries of Terra are revealed in Ventus’s story. Overall, it’ll have this type of composition.

―― Terra is power based, and the from the demo it’s obvious Ventus is based on combo + speed, but what type of character is Aqua?

Nomura: Aqua is special. As for the type, she is magic based, though it is considerably tricky. Fight while rotating like a spinning object, doing cartwheels, that sort of thing. (Smiles)

―― After grasping the feel of the game play, the combat system seems considerably based on powering up.

Nomura: Seems like it, with locking on to multiple enemies using the Shoot Lock System to attack and customizing the deck of skills. At the demo the deck of skills was already pre set, but in the actual game you’ll be able to edit it freely. At first BBS was expected to have a fighting system closest to the older games, but now it seems that KH 358/2 Days is and BBS’s system has evolved. The feeling is more like, “you can’t fight like Sora with this system,” therefore a real taste of managing the keyblade is shown.

―― Of the stories heard in these three titles, it seems BBS will probably be the last to release, are you thinking about future titles after these?

Nomura: Considering the nature the KH series, I do not intend to end it here. Even as BBS is being made, I am thinking about the future and how it connects. Thus, please continue to support the KH series.

Thanks to forum member Tidus-dude for the tip, and thanks to KH Insider for posting the interview. And a special thanks to Leno from Final Eclipse for taking the time to type up the interview, and to forum user RxS for making the images you see above.

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