Tetsuya Nomura has given some new information regarding the three new games and hinted at a Kingdom Hearts 3 in monthly Japanese magazine Gemaga! 

In this interview, Nomura revealed that all three games are already in development, and that we shouldn’t expect to see them released simultaneously, as previously thought. He also let slip of the possible order they are to be released: 

358/2 Days – the DS instalment – released first, followed by Coded – the mobile phone game. As already stated in an earlier interview with Famitsu, Birth by Sleep – the PSP instalment – is due to be released last.  

Now to some information on the three games; starting with 358/2 Days: The magazine gives the pronunciation of this game, and it is “Three Five Eight Days Over Two.” 

We already know that Disney worlds are set to appear in this game, (following the scan showing Wonderland,) but there was quite a lot of confusion on how they would feature in this game. Nomura clears this up for us by saying: “They (Disney Worlds) will appear in the game, but in a slightly different form. KH is generally a story where you set out on a journey with a goal in mind. However, Roxas is a member of Organisation XIII, so he always returns to the home base. So, this is not a story about a journey. Also, Roxas’s personality is such that he does not actively attempt to come into contact with other characters. So, the relationship to Disney characters will be different from before.”  

The big talking point of this game is the multiplayer mode. In this mode, gamers will be able to select any Organisation XIII member and progress through unique missions. Examples of the mission’s gamers will face are, looking for specific items, defeating certain enemies, and duelling with other Organisation XIII members. 

There is a bonus for your choice of character if you decide to play single and multiplayer mode. “The character’s growth is shared between the two modes,” Nomura informed the magazine.   

Also during multiplayer mode, the bottom screen of the DS can be used as a chat system, if you wish. Players will be able to communicate with each other as they play the game; by drawing pictures on the screen! Although not official yet, Nomura and his team are planning to add some further plans to this feature. 

It seems as though Nomura won’t be taking advantage of the many possibilities the DS can offer a gamer. Unlike for his other DS game ‘Wonderful World’ where he used them to its full potential. He goes on to explain his reasons. “Wonderful World is a game where we fully used the DS’s functionality, however, this time, we’re not really using the DS functionality. In order to not break the Kingdom Hearts control feel, we’re not using the stylus. Also, we’re planning on using the bottom screen for something.” This ‘something’ I have mentioned earlier; the multiplayer chat system.

Moving onto the mobile phone game, Coded: 

Nomura made sure to confirm that Coded is NOT Kingdom Hearts 3. Although this is the only instalment set after the events of Kingdom Hearts 2, and the main character Sora is used again… Or so it seems. 

Infact, the Sora we have seen in the screenshots is only a data version. So is King Mickey.

In Coded, a data-made Sora and King Mickey explore the pages of Jiminy’s Journal in search of a secret message left by Jiminy. They have to investigate the events of Kingdom Hearts 1.  

There will be something called ‘Debugging mode’ in Coded, and basically this means that Sora will confront bugs (the type found in your computer, not insects) when he approaches normal enemies. Sora will need to clear the bugs (that look like blocks) in order to fight. We have already seen a screenshot of this. The bugs also have other purposes too. They can be used to help Sora get higher up, and they can be used in puzzle games.  

In another interview with Famitsu, Nomura said that Coded was having “technical problems”, and those problems are due to Coded being developed for a mobile phone not even in existence; that’s right. But this is due to the fact that mobile phones in places such as America and Europe aren’t as powerful as Japanese mobile phones. There has even been talk that Coded will be FREE to play, or on the other-hand really cheap. Probably not as much as the previous KH mobile phone game. 

Lastly, what did Nomura have to say about Birth by Sleep?  This game is being developed by the team that worked on Musashi Samurai Legend and Re: Chain of Memories. Infact, it was this very team that contacted Nomura and requested that they work together on a side-story of Kingdom Hearts, during the time when Kingdom Hearts 2 was being developed.  Nomura goes on to say, “The project was for the PSP from the start of planning.” 

As we all know, this game will feature a ‘multi-scenario’ system. Not many people seem to have understand what Nomura meant by this, so he explained it for us:

 “The game will have three scenarios, and you’ll be able to play from which ever one you like. You’ll even likely be able to stop mid way through and start a new scenario.” 

There isn’t a scenario more important than the other, apparently. So you can choose whichever you like. 

Bad news for gamers that didn’t enjoy the deck system on Chain of Memories – it is being brought back for this game; however, it will be an improved version. This is how it will work: Before battle commences, the player sets up a card deck which will feature the commands you wish your character to possess in their command menu.    

So that explains Terra’s unusually big list of commands we saw him with in Cinderella’s world.  

And finally, fans eager to hear more information about Kingdom Hearts 3, more hints about it have been made in this interview with Nomura. Explaining the connections the three handheld games have with the future of the Kingdom Hearts series, this is what Nomura replied: 

“They do have some connections to the future third entry in the series, though I can’t say specifically. But there was a message along those lines in the trailers. Something about these three titles being connected to a story that is to come. I believe you’ll be able to foresee things through these three games.” 

(Note: Credit to advo on LJ for giving me the basic Japanese-English translations, and I will add anything else she can give me from the interview when I get it)