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AxelXRoxas on 22 Aug 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3 near confirmation, HD collection… further hints from Dream Drop Distance

WARNING:Ending of the game not at all spoiled although please read at your own risk.

After further investigating hints from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, I happened to find a quite interesting article detailing what the future might entail for all of us Kingdom Hearts series fans. The article is posted below:

After reading this you may believe that the wait is over, after multiple spin-offs and no points forward to our most anticipated title yet, “Kingdom Hearts III”, here’s why I honestly believe it is definetly the next game in our beloved series.

It is close to certain that Kingdom Hearts III will be the next major console installment, a true sequel, and will more than likely come to PS3 or a future Sony system.

During the end credits of Dream Drop Distance, an interactive portion begins that gives you control of Sora as he dives through names of the fine folks at Square Enix who created the game. However, certain letters in the names are colored differently. As you take pains to dive through the special letters, a message on the bottom of the screen is formed:

“Secret Message Unlocked”

After this interactive sequence, the credits continue as normal, but a variety of characters appear in the background as names roll down the screen. Large letters appear, one-by-one, alongside these characters. The letters?

“T H I S L E A D S T O K I N G D O M H E A R T S”


The flow of letters halts there, but what happens next? A few more characters cycle through, then three distinct musical notes are heard as the Dream Drop Distance logo appears to end the credits.

If you managed to snag all the letters during the interactive dive sequence, a new Glossary entry is added to Reports. The entry, simple titled “Secret Message”, reads:

The past will be reawakened
as a new number
in never-before-seen detail

Prepare yourself for the awakening
of the next number

“The past will be reawakened . . . in never-before-seen detail”… HD Collection. This message entails what I believe is a major hint regarding a HD Collection.

An HD collection that will be used to…
“Prepare yourself for the awakening of the next number”

Kingdom Hearts III.

That’s right, folks. Square Enix has basically confirmed, through the credits of Dream Drop Distance, that Kingdom Hearts III will be the next installment in the series, AND will more than likely be preceded by an HD collection of the entire series. No more spin-offs. No more side stories. Kingdom Hearts III is real, and it’s coming.

Do you believe this is solid confirmation of the game? Post in the comments section below what you think!

Source: PSU

Willfosho on 19 Aug 2012

[Spoilers] Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Post-Game

Don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers!

So you’ve beat Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Even after the stories been told and the bosses beat there are plenty of things to tie up post-game. Here are a few that could keep you busy during your wait for the next installment.

Dream Eaters: Create and train them. Max them out and challenge yourself. See what team works for what you need. Compete in the Flick Rush tournaments in Traverse Town. While you’re there you can always try to beat the powerhouse Julius and obtain the sought after Ultima Weapon Keyblade.

Powered-Up Bosses: Speaking of Bosses, just like the other Kingdom Hearts games there are powered up versions of bosses waiting for you after you complete the main story. You can return to these battlefields and fight the ultimate versions of the bosses you’ve already conquered.

Treasure Hunting: Because we know not everyone’s perfect there’s treasure hunting. In the journals section of the start menu you can find which worlds hold hidden treasure you may have missed during your first play-through. Who knows what could be hiding from plain sight.

Portals: Also on the menu, for those of you traveling back through completed worlds, are the portals. Portals are located in every area of the game and award some pretty nifty prizes that can be used to build dream eaters for your team. Keep your eyes peeled and challenge yourself with the secret bonus prizes.

Still not enough for you? Beat the game in other difficulties and earn yourself some trophies for doing so. The world of KH:3D may have been short but there’s always more to do if you know where to look.


AxelXRoxas on 18 Aug 2012

Kingdom Hearts 3 possible teaser & Nomura talks to Famitsu

If you’re one to beat Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and stay to watch the full credits, a secret message appears within the glossary that possibly points out hints to a new Kingdom Hearts game.

The message reads:

“The past will be reawakened as a new number in never-before-seen detail.”

“Prepare yourself for the awakening of the next number”

This is pure speculation though it is highly possible that this could be a teaser of which sets our minds on the next Kingdom Hearts video game, or anything that we can possibly think of.

Let us know what you think about this mysterious yet exciting prospect in the comments section below!

Source: TrendyGamers


In other talks, Nomura has spoken to Famitsu in their latest issue playing up the development of Kingdom Hearts 3 (or whatever the next game in the Kingdom Hearts series happens to be).

Nomura, who directed the series, and is confirmed to be working on both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy Versus XIII (a game with an active combat system based on Kingdom Hearts) told the magazine that Xehanort’s reign of tyranny is almost up, and that his story will be finished in the next Kingdom Hearts game.

The designer also said that he wished he could’ve given Kingdom Hearts 358/2 analog control—an impossibility due to the Nintendo DS’s limited controls—and hopes to implement a versatile combat system in his next game.

Source: Famitsu


Bunny on 13 Aug 2012

Nomura Interview from KH3D Ultimania

Hello, readers! Just wanted to squeeze in a quick little note that I am Bunny, a new writer for this site, so expect greatness from me. Not an actual bunny, unfortunately. Anyway, onto what you’re here for!

I hope you all are enjoying KH3D! If you thought the release of the game all over the world was exciting enough, we have one more thing coming. What’s that, you ask? Well it’s a shiny new interview for you guys! It’s between Co-Director Tai Yasue from the KH3D Ultimania and Nomura himself. In case you are wondering what Ultimania is, I’ve got the answer. To put it simply, it’s a guide that has detailed maps, boss info, plot guides, etc. It’s a list of companion books relating to games published by Square.

Disclaimer: In case any of you haven’t had the chance to play KH3D yet, do not fear! No KH3D spoilers are revealed within this interview. Onto the goodies!


Taryn on 05 Aug 2012

30 Minutes of KH:3D Footage

Hello everyone! Do we have a lot of people out there enjoying their shiny new copies of KH:3D? Hopefully! And if you’re having to wait on the game but want a bit of a peek at what’s waiting for you, TheRealGiantBomb uploaded 30 minutes of KH:3D footage, so take a look if you’re interested:

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