I see you’ve arrived at my new post, ready to take the Mark of Mastery! Do you have what it takes to defeat Xehanort and drive back his darkness? Find out in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.  The time has come to venture into the Realm of Sleep and awaken the worlds that did not return to the Light. The newest game has finally revealed how we will change between both Riku and Sora. It will be via the use of the Drop Gauge. Over time, this gauge will deplete and when it hits zero, we’ll switch between Riku and Sora. It is not possible to go through the game with just Riku or Sora though, but you can change between them at anytime if you don’t want to wait for the gauge to do so automatically. On the note of Dream Eaters, players will be able to create brand new ones via breeding them and raising them with special items. Did I mention that you can freely name them if you do it in this manner? Last but not least, we all remember Sora’s adventures with Tron in Kingdom Hearts II.  Now Sora and Riku will be making a journey into the world of The Grid, meeting our favorite faces from the film Tron: Legacy. Just like the updated look in the movie, Sora will also be sporting a new look himself! Will you be able to free the worlds trapped in sleep? Find out and show us the Mark of Mastery!

Source: Andriasang